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  1. Gun to my head, I expect 2 freshmen OL starters early, at least one on opening day. A 3rd may emerge over the season, I guess we’ll see. I expect to see the OL rotating more than anything that would look normal. 
    As a result of that and the expected shitshow across the defensive side without a pass rush, I’m going to be shocked by anything more than 7-6 for the season. I wouldn’t be happy with that as a fan, but I could rationalize it knowing that an above average OL will be returning along with outstanding skill personnel on offense for 2023. 
    So pathetically, I am crossing my fingers for a 7-5 record before the bowl game. Yayyy!

    Will 7-5 hold this class together?
  2. Number 1. On tapa so can’t copy and paste but the part of 1 year rentals. Really? If those 1 year rentals got you a championship who would care?? Even just to the playoffs. Honestly we’re so down that if we’re being honest one year rentals who could at least win us a big xii championship would be fine.

    I understand the, where’s the honor, pride, etc.. but come on because that’s what these 18-20 year olds are really thinking. They aren’t at all thinking of the money they could be making right now to help their family or even selfish reasons. Unfortunately I love Texas, but if someone offered me anything close to what these kids are getting. Even the “chump” change Barron could be getting. I would be gone in a heartbeat. Especially with the shit show that texas is at the moment. It would be another story if we were in the conversations for playoffs but to die on the field just to get bowl eligible? No thanks.

    We saw it before NIL, kids leaving early for the draft and not even getting drafted but the chance to at least make the practice squad and some money. As much as we can argue it isn’t fair, it’s ruining college football,etc…like we’re really gonna stop watching. If that last 10 years didn’t make us, this sure as hell won’t lol. It boils down to money and championships. “ We aren’t going to win championships playing by the rules. I wish we could but that’s not the reality. How much is bama willing to spend? Heck, how much have they spent. Even Georgia. It’s all worth it if it gets you the W’s. Every one is mad at Lincoln Riley but it’s obvious he is trying to win now. Don’t we wish sark is being cut throat like him?

    TLDR; Scared money don’t make no money.

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  3. I'm becoming worried about Sark. There seems to be a serious detachment between the positions he takes and reality. From having zero interest in short term o-line transfers to thinking Pete K was, and is, a good hire, Sark seems to constantly be at odds with evidence and facts. Sark is becoming the Jack Easterby of college football.

    Barely? I was worried after Arkansas.
  4. I kinda wish we could see Tom against bama. Yes he should’ve been fired and glad he’s not here but he never got blown out so curious if bama would’ve finally done that. I mean we all know what bama is gonna do to sark.

    Anyway, if card, a third year player is running close with Ewers, it’s Ewers job.

    But yeah beating Kansas is a good start and not losing a huge ass lead, would be a good season.

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