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  1. Went a couple times last year. Still slams.
  2. I vote yes for banning hg, derka, corn and scraps. It’s not personal exactly
  3. Don’t miss Modist. Down the street from the field.
  4. A -42 wind chill is my new personal record as someone from warmer latitudes
  5. I’m around somewhat regularly for work and make a habit out of looking up whatever local nonsense is around. That one…. Sticks out
  6. Home of the world’s largest catfish AND the monument to circus dead.
  7. I agree. There are better cards but the reserve has done right by me and as I rarely fly through atl, I mostly rode in domestic first class until I got status that would have gotten me there anyway. The sky club was also a lifesaver before airports fully reopened. Also the companion pass was worth 700 to me without counting the other benefits.
  8. The plaque for the alternates is like kissing your sister or some such
  9. I have zero faith that I’m going to hold on to second
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