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  1. Feeling like both starters go all the way in a 1-0 game
  2. Also said, Whitley will be on opening day roster. Garcia looking like a July return McCullers August return
  3. Pitching prospects from Dodgers. Cowser and 2 pitchers if Orioles involved.
  4. Talked to my source today. Rumblings are Pena to Rays for Arozarena and a bullpen arm. Also Framber is pretty much gone, looking like a deal to Dodgers or Orioles imminent once Yamamoptpo dust settles.
  5. He had a double kidney transplant this past summer and is doing just fine. Back to golf and skiing now.
  6. For the love of Orbit, please quit with this Cole coming in to pitch relief in Game 7 of the 2019 World Series. He got up from the bench, went through his warmup routine and then proceeded to throw 10 fastballs that completely missed the entire human being playing catcher. He then sat back down. He was never going to come in that game. Period. Move on from this.
  7. Here’s his managerial breakdowns Personal Top Choices for Manager: 1) AJ Hinch—Not much has to be said here. Could step back in immediately and control all aspects of clubhouse. Just the absolute best at what he does. If he’s available, there’s literally no other option for the job. Under contract with Tigers for 5 years but if we called the Tigers you never know, we could possibly work something out. According to my sources, Crane wanted to talk to AJ about the GM position last offseason so bringing him back is on the table. 2) Omar Lopez—Long shot for sure, would be unheard of for them to jump Espada to go to Omar but has most manager experience of any coach on staff. Between minors and coaching WBC team very well, he’d have an extreme rapport with the team. 3) Mark Kotsay—My top choice for the job back in 2020. Bruce Bochy told us then that he wasn’t interested in coaching again quite yet that we should interview Kotsay and we did. Crane himself told me he loved Kotsay then and wanted to hire him but others in the process believed with the scandal coming out they needed someone like Dusty to run the team thru that time. Only one more year under deal with A’s so wouldn’t shock me if A’s allowed him to interview. 4) Rodney Linares—Bench coach for Rays, until 2018 was a lifelong Astros staff member. His father has worked for us for 25-30+ years. He was an amazing manager in minors who helped shaped every single one of the Astros “core” players in their development. Also coached Dominican Republic WBC team. Having been with Rays, is big in analytics and their front office is cutting edge in a lot of things. 5) Joe Espada—The clear cut easiest choice out there as he’s been with the team as bench coach since 2018. Knows the team and organization well. Downfall to me is he’s interviewed for many manager jobs over the years and has yet to be offered one. Begs question as to what’s wrong with him because coming from a successful organization like ours teams should be tripping over themselves outbidding for him. He can also be a bit high maintenance and diva like sometimes (thanks to previous time with the Yankees).
  8. Spoke to my buddy awhile the other day about everything offseason. Me - ”Any rumors to Brad Ausmus”? Him - “I hope not. Everything I’ve heard is he’s anti-analytics and isn’t suited to the job. Sounds like we’d continue going in reverse.” “We were shocked last season when he was mentioned as a GM candidate.” Me - “What are your personal top 5 choices then”? Him - “AJ Hinch, Omar Lopez, Mark Kotsay, Rodney Linares, Joe Espada” “any rumors to Showalter, Maddon, Bannister, Ausmus, Washington or Counsell are just fabricated to create noise” Me - “Whatever Bagwell wants Bagwell gets” Him - “The perception of the public that Bagwell is calling the shots is extremely overshot. He’s around and Jim definitely likes him and listens. But in no way is he the shot caller. Baggy is awesome with us downstairs. I enjoy talking with him every time he comes down He does exactly what his title says, advises/gives his opinion. But at the end of the day, Jim and Dana make final shot calls. He gets aired out for Abreu, Montero, and Brantley signings when that was actually all Jim. Jim was outbidding himself on Abreu. Montero’s agent took Jim to cleaners. Brantley deal was negotiated at Jim’s golf course in Florida. Ever since cheating scandal, Jim has wanted to be more hands on so he doesn’t get burned by not knowing things. Which has had pros but definitely cons as well. I compare what he’s doing to Jerry Jones a lot, not in a good way“ “He’s gotta trust his baseball guys though. He wants to win consistently but stuff like outbidding yourself on Abreu and overpaying Montero is gonna hurt these next two off seasons. Because between the two of them there’s roughly $8M annually we could have saved and spent on someone else. That’s Neris money we don’t have or for anyone else we wanna go after”
  9. From my clubhouse source……. Good riddance Dusty, pretty much everyone inside the organization can’t stand the guy. Manager choice #1 is AJ #2 is Espada. Don’t shoot please!
  10. Singleton is gonna fucking this up
  11. Alt I’ve could’ve hit for the cycle if would have been hustling
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