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  1. There are 6 MLB players that have 0 HR’s (qualified AB’s) Two are in our starting lineup everyday
  2. Uncle Mike will be back tomorrow and Chas will be back Tuesday
  3. Texans still have another first round pick in 2024 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2024_NFL_Draft
  4. Just to give y’all a heads up on Evan. Evan is actually one of my best friends and he is struggling right now with chronic kidney failure. He was in the hospital in Denver last week and had two chest stints installed in his right pectoral area for dialysis. Doctors said he’ll need two new kidneys eventually, sooner than later. Evan is not on drugs nor alcohol. As long as I’ve known him he’s always eaten clean and continued to exercise. His two main addictions in life after baseball are golf and skiing. I have no clue what caused the Twitter outburst, y’all please keep him in your prayers.
  5. Team boarded the plane out of West Palm Beach this evening, H-Town and title defense bound.
  6. Planet Houston does the season thread like always.
  7. In 19 ABs last spring Yuli had a 1.423 OPS Wife had a kid, missed the few first games of the season and the rest is history
  8. #CSB - Steve Goodman actually wrote “Go Cubs Go” he also wrote “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” made famous by David Allen Coe #CSB2 - Steve Goodman wrote the Coe hit with legendary songwriter John Prine. Prine thought the song was too cheesy though and didn’t want his name attached to it so after it became a hit Goodman bought Prine a jukebox with his first royalty check.
  9. I like to follow this guy on YouTube for all things winter weather
  10. This worst part about weather delays right now are the constant puns about roof talk. It gets annoying. There’s not a roof, there won’t be a roof, just quit talking about a fucking roof.
  11. I was at that game, flight got cancelled from Boston to Hobby, saw the Rays at Fenway, took a train down to NYC to go to old Yankee stadium just to sit in that weird drizzle for a few hours, that’s game was also against the Rays
  12. Best Records Since June 1st ATL 112 78-34 .696 LAD 113 78-35 .690 HOU 112 74-38 .661 SEA 113 69-44 .611 CLE 117 71-46 .607 NYM 111 67-44 .604 PHI 112 66-46 .589 NYY 113 65-48 .575 STL 113 65-48 .575 TOR 114 64-50 .561 BAL 111 62-49 .559 SDP 113 59-54 .522 TBR 113 58-55 .513
  13. That was Lady Gaga's ticket sales, doesn't take into account what MMP takes in
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