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  1. Utahs qb is awful. No way they score 2 TDs on offense
  2. Man I’m striking out in 2023. I need bam to do something but unfortunately everyone has him too
  3. Keep us updated on what day it somehow gets stolen!
  4. Quay Walker might be legit stupid
  5. Why take a timeout?? Fuckin kick a 30 yard FG instead of 25.
  6. Of course the refs in GB didn’t see 0:00 for an entire second
  7. There’s 2 other guys on Denver bigger than Durant tho too. Considerably bigger.
  8. 26th death of the HP cast? Sheesh. I thought dumbledore was already dead no spoiler
  9. So phoenix obviously has headliner trio but man they are small especially if Durant is the starting 4. Nurkic hasn’t come close playing a full season in his career. Are they by going to get bullied by bigger teams?
  10. I mean…have you seen their forwards outside or Giannis and Portis? lol I just threw a name out there between him and Pat C
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