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  1. It was cool when the wolves played SA the other night, wemby went to the bench with the lead in the first quarter and he was ballin. Then the wolves recaptured the lead during the non wemby minutes and he was an absolute non factor the rest of the game outside of a funny block on Monte morris. Bricked his shots, looked disengaged. SA clawed back after the wolves got complacent with a 20 pt lead but not because of wemby. It’s like they forgot about him after the first quarter. Weird strategy. He’s gonna be a monster with some actual teammates and an extra star Hopefully the wolves are moved to the eastern conference by then
  2. People were blaring this song all over Minnesota last night. We were all dancing in the streets Great win, friends [emoji1666]
  3. Well it’s that or 8 other choices
  4. lol look at this And the if you add 4 spicy nuggs it’s $5 cheaper
  5. Wendy’s is expensive already…12-13$ for a double with fries and a drink. They have meal deals that are probably the play. Problem with our Wendy’s is there’s 2 in town, and both are ran horribly. Slow lines and weird, seedy workers. McDonald’s in our town absolutely runs circles around wendys. They can pump out 3-4 cars for every 1 at Wendy’s. Not as good Wendy’s IMO but it’s fast food. Plus the app of McDonald’s absolutely shits all over wendys crappy app. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked “drive thru” and they still have me pull around and go inside to get it.
  6. To be fair…kings were missing their best player. I’m sure denver wins anyways, score likely would’ve been closer And wow…I went to bed well before clippers lakers finished…clippers blew a 19 pt lead going into the 4th??? Haha Clippers fading from the top of the west, about to join the cluster fuck of the 4-8 mess
  7. This bulls cavs game is weird 2OT, bulls have a 69-37 rebound advantage and are only up 7
  8. Wolves had like 3 guys try going 1 on 1 vs him and all failed miserably
  9. It’s amazing in the grand scheme of things, there was 2.6 seconds left which in basketball terms can be considered an eternity. Cleveland had no timeouts. Why on earth Strus the inbounder isn’t sending Mobley or whoever down the court to get a much higher percentage shot. Instead he passes it to the nearest guy who passes it back to him which takes a good 1.5 seconds I’d think pro bball players would have some better awareness of the situation
  10. Wow. That was as pure of a half court swoosh as you’d find
  11. That was filthy. Wolves need to win the non wemby minutes but a considerable margin or it could be a fight. Wolves broadcast said tonight we’re going for the 4th time franchise history that the wolves won 3 games vs SA in the season series. and we’ve been around since ‘89
  12. I watched it live on LP and it was just as wild then as rewatching. Absolute chaos
  13. I’ve never seen him pass in my life 1/26 is the only game where he has more than 1 assist in a game(2). He had 17 games with 0 assists and 13 games with 1 assist. He averages a shot every other possession, 20 MPG, 10-11 FGA per game.
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