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  1. What was his amount request? Drew Carey: $1,000 I’ll take $999, drew
  2. Damn…what some great songs on that list
  3. Unreal. Cale Gundy: top 10 paid state employee for being a WR coach
  4. I watched tonight’s episode of nitro Vs raw. I was a teen during the wwe peak. Never got into nitro. Damn Vince took WCW to the woodshed. Interesting to hear what JBL, Kevin Nash etc had to say about what went on between the 2. Also before that episode was a bio on lex luger that I caught the last 15 min or so. Luger looks so much different now than before. And he’s in a wheel chair. I’m not sure if he’s paralyzed or what. One may have to put this series into the queue, especially if you were a 90s wrestling fan which I would imagine most of us are
  5. I mean I’d probably get a mask, some gloves, a couple cheap throw away garbage cans, bottle of 409 and some mr clean erasers.
  6. I saw a tweet where people have seen more footage of griner in her cell block than they did of her on the court
  7. I’m pretty much over it after testing positive last Wednesday. Lost my taste for a few days but I think I’m regaining it for the most part. That was weird. Lingering effects is a regular old cough and a random sneeze. Curiously tested last night and my + line was very fainted but could still tell there was one. Didn’t get laid out like some of you.
  8. I had a feeling he was gonna laugh and wipe his ass with our predictable prisoner swap proposal. He doesn’t give a shit if viktor bout is back in Russia. Whatever social Justice groups puts the most pressure on the Biden administration back here, putin is all for.
  9. Let’s do it. Can never have enough big man depth
  10. Good question. Playing along side 2 of the greatest shooters ever clearly has increased his value. The warriors are just above average if Steph plays and klays out. Average to below average and extremely beatable if stephs out and klays in. I’d wager he’s probably worth half of a max to any other team. Paying someone who’s 37 40 million or whatever isn’t a recipe for success. The kings or wizards will probably back up the brinks truck for him tho.
  11. I’m guessing I was exposed Sunday so this would be day 4. Symptoms better than day 3 in terms of I don’t have a minor headache like yesterday and my fever subsided from 100-101-my first fever in years- down to 98.5 today. Random cough. Took a pseudoephed last night to clear up my head. Wife is a different story. Nausea, headache, period. Chills come and go.
  12. Does anyone think putin might reject this deal since we offered it first? I can see him saying “nah we’ll keep her for the next 2 decades, you can have him”
  13. Weather channel has been there for a while,.. I don’t adventure to the bottom of the grid often
  14. Whalers came to mind also. Brass bonanza is the best anthem in sports
  15. Great. Now I’ll never unsee it
  16. Thoughts and prayers. There’s Hope. My kids were the shit sleepers. Now at 7Yo and 4YO they sleep 10 hrs a night. So yea. You’ll get there. I still get ptsd
  17. This pleases me…but the online menu sucks. All it shows me it breakfast plates. I’m passing through Minneapolis this weekend and that looks promising..if the menu is anything I’m used to
  18. Hahahahaahaaahhh fuck I have to buy a new mattress, sheets, comforter
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