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  1. Danny Kanell, who’s 50, sarcastically saying on Twitter since Trevor Lawrence left game with ankle injury that Jacksonville should be disqualified from playoffs This guy is going to pout for months. Especially since we all knew they’d get destroyed
  2. Good enough for me Should probably ban them next year
  3. Brock Glenn had a better QBR in the Florida game where he went 0/1 than he did in the Louisville game where he actually completed a pass Rodemakers QBR vs 5-7 Florida is horseshit. He’d be in Glenn territory vs Michigan
  4. True you’re right. And plus 30 special courts that the nba spent probably millions on for like 70 total games to be played on? Probably to be used as firewood this upcoming winter?
  5. Especially when the other kid pulls out a metal slammer with a skull and flames on it. Say bye to your pogs
  6. Zeke was a beast. But at least cardale didn’t throw 55 yards, or 110 Vs UF and Louisville . He still put up 250 vs Wisconsin and3 TDs. 240/1/1 vs #1 alabama and #2 Oregon. Not bad
  7. Because it was squashed when their 3rd string hung 60 points on Wisconsin in the B1G championship That game Saturday night was torture. Not only because fsus QB situation but because the only other option involved Iowa football
  8. Georgia had Oklahoma scheduled until the realignment. Not playing that game turned out to be costly. Their resume sucks, it would’ve been a true road game too. None of that Atlanta, Arlington, SoFi stadium bullshit “The Bulldogs will travel to Norman, Oklahoma, for the first matchup on Sept. 9, 2023, and the Sooners will hit the road on Sept. 13, 2031, to play Georgia in Athens.” Lol@ a return trip of 2031. Is
  9. Georgia is currently almost 2 TD favorites while bama/Michigan is essentially a toss up. Vegas showing that on paper at least these are the best 2 NYE games. Nobody wants one of the 2 semi finals to be a massacre that we’ve seen happen far too often to the participation award winners Cincy lost by 21 Notre dame lost by 17 Oklahoma lost by 35 Notre dame lost by 27 Washington lost by 17 Oklahoma lost by 20 Florida state lost by 39 Michigan state lost by 38 I don’t know what the stipulations were for each year…but more often than not one of the 2 NYE games are gonna suck. Last year is the only year that each game was 1 possession. And the championship was a 58 point nail biter
  10. Committee didn’t want to be on the hook for a NYE beat down because they were “pressured into doing the right thing”. FSUs defense is spectacular but they’d be on the field for 50 minutes of the game It’s a shitty predicament to be in. Honestly I’m laughing either way whether FSU feels they deserve a shot only to end up like Cincinnati, Oklahoma etc or sec missing out.
  11. How the hell does each one have next to over 1000 posts
  12. My flight back to Fargo from LAX was surrounded by Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, mobile gates. That was a fun site after a late night out on the 3rd street promenade.
  13. I’m finding it beneficial for those teams to not make the knock out rounds. My wolves chill for the next 4 days, and get easier regular season games vs no rest, potentially travel to Vegas, play harder teams, then travel back.
  14. That Asian that sits courtside at lakers games for the last 25 years hasn’t moved since shaq and Kobe
  15. Whatever happens in UGA/FSU…one side who thinks fsu got screwed will say SEE 13-0 DESERVED TO BE IN.. or the other side who thinks the committee got it right will be telling those we dodged a bullet.
  16. Don’t forget the Florida game the week before. That was tough for a lot of us to stomach
  17. That D is going to be exhausted when it’s on the field all of the time due to the inept offense Early line is UGA -12.. part of me thinks they destroy FSU..but I’d be hesitant to how much UGA wants to be there
  18. I honestly don’t care about the schedule as much as I care about a heisman candidate got injured and the shit they replaced them with. If these last 2 weeks were the first 2 weeks of the season, would Florida state drop in the rankings? I would they they would.
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