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  1. This is a big argument on X The red coats are fighting back that it’s also 90-100% humid there and most homes don’t have air conditioning because the UK is stuck in the 20s Americans are still laughing at them and calling them pansies…I lean towards the latter
  2. Too much carrying. Not enough pushing double strollers maneuvering in and out, anticipating oncoming traffic moves, coming up with strategies with wife on her phone and plotting where the nearest stroller parking is hoping there’s a spot all while trying not to run into the person in front of your legs
  3. Agreed. Especially with amazon money. lol. He’s only 61 or whatever. He ain’t giving up that lifestyle yet.
  4. Didn he do this stunt a few years ago before they all resigned for some lucrative deal?
  5. If anyone’s wondering why @Vertuzzi is so quiet, he might not be released until Monday
  6. Unfortunately we’re getting tony brothers at the garden Monday night if things hold to form
  7. He’s also been playing against pros since before he could probably drive.
  8. Muggsy Bogues Grandmama poster Kendall Gill cameo in the cult classic “smart guy” Matt Geiger
  9. Scott foster time tonight He’ll make sure the blow bys in front of Luka come with a little offensive foul action.
  10. Amazing how windy made a career out of carrying lebrons trapper keeper 25 years ago
  11. Put him in a pot and cooked him on high heat…wow When windys on fire, he’s poetry
  12. wtf just happened x2? I thought they just challenged the hook
  13. It looked more on brown but if it was simultaneous, I don’t think the refs will take an ego hit and correct their call
  14. He’s a bullet for game 4 masterpiece. Marc Davis will let ‘em play what sucks is Tony brothers will likely be game 5 in Boston if necessary. So Dallas will need to win 2 or it’s done
  15. Uh oh….things come in 3s… Walton, west….MN legend Trevor winter?
  16. Damn. I should’ve used my time in lockdown more effectively
  17. Gonna need some big wigs to break that down for us
  18. And you somehow have to convert an hdmi into regular Nintendo or your Fd
  19. Most, if not all wnba bench players could win the gold medal
  20. Don’t lose to San Antonio and you maybe could’ve had that opportunity [emoji4]
  21. Is there a reason why someone like Josh green is ahead in the rotation or am I missing something?
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