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  1. Aggy won in these Saturday night too.
  2. I’ve got a few ducats on Aggy +182, so either outcome is acceptable now.
  3. He broke his tie with me yesterday for runners caught stealing this season. June 23, pretty impressive.
  4. Good one. 57, that’s fucking embarrassing.
  5. You have an incredible infatuation with me, you post about me in threads I’m not even involved in. You’re fucking 57 & obsessed with an internet stranger.
  6. Since you’re so intent on following me around to other threads, is your wife as fucking brain dead as your old ass? It’s fucking Hanna, you imbecile.
  7. Sofia got fucking demolished, 1 & 0 in Eastbourne qualies, but now she’s in R2 because Elena did what Elena does.
  8. Zero titles in 20 years. We can’t squawk.
  9. That was a lot of people to handle that lizard.
  10. Wonder what your BAC would be at autopsy if you took a shot every time ‘caiman’ was uttered? And I’m barely over an hour in.
  11. Wish all 8 didn’t meet up so early in this episode.
  12. Edwin Diaz ran in bot 9 for the sticky stuff. Cubs lose anyway.
  13. Beam's girl. Brother was here briefly, now he's back with dad on Aggy's staff. https://texassports.com/sports/baseball/roster/jace-hutchins/11220
  14. Yeah, but Lorenzen ain't taking a deal again.
  15. I mean, hockey starts an hour later, stanco.
  16. I know relievers are volatile, but sign Urena for next year now. Wouldn't cost much.
  17. The one on 20/Matlock wasn't as fun though. And a body in the Trinity. Helluva Sunday for our hoods.
  18. That dude did not appreciate my previous slander.
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