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  1. We had to snap everyone back to reality today.
  2. I’ve done that at a Whataburger drive-thru with a real shitty Chevy Cavalier.
  3. Weirdo won. Congrats, I guess. These fucking dorks got as close to a bear as I did to Beckinsale.
  4. WTA started the week with two decent draws. The finals, however, suck. DC: Kanepi v. Samsonova San Jose: Rogers v. Kasatkina
  5. Pretty funny oven mitt demonstration by McCaslin there. And 4-0 now.
  6. Beat LAA, 2-1. And this... https://www.mlb.com/news/mariners-adopt-clubhouse-dog-tucker
  7. Franmil Reyes DFA'd by Cle today. OPS in 5 seasons... .838 .822 .794 .846 .604
  8. They're just looking for versatility. In my ideal world, Nate is moved to a team looking to go cheap at 1B/DH. Corey to 3B really needs to happen, but highly doubt they'll have the balls in year 2 of 10.
  9. Double breadsticks, hope the 11 other people watching enjoyed it too.
  10. I watched about two minutes, & the announcers trying to pretend it was exciting was enough for me. Doesn't really matter though, Samsonova is kicking the shit out of lefty X. Wang.
  11. Interesting move by TC to air pickleball over the DC semis. They're on Bally's now, which most people don't have.
  12. This is quite the fucking breaker. Nick is playing REAL fast.
  13. Manaea is just having to wear them all tonight.
  14. Shelby has now knocked out Bianca/Sakkari/Amanda in a row, this is some bullshit!
  15. Wilkerson was a lot bigger, but they definitely share the suck level.
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