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  1. There will be a separate thread for the Big XII battle later.
  2. And Gray was supposed to go tomorrow, so tonight is, uh, really fucking big.
  3. We all know what forearm tightness usually means, see him in ‘25 with deGrom.
  4. BYU is rather weird too though. Nate dropped against a righty.
  5. ^ Can I mix in a Cincy W tonight as one of our requests?
  6. Obviously don’t matter now, but did Servais say anything about why he didn’t run for Rando in bot 9?
  7. It ain’t this year, buddy. Going back quite a ways now.
  8. Wonder what the proof limit is on booze in the house these days? They haven’t been allowed hard liquor for awhile, now it’s all beer/wine/seltzer/other weak flavored shit. About all that interested me in this one.
  9. That particular pitch was on Jonah, the walk nullifies it though.
  10. Jax St gets 7 in 1OT. Rich Rodriguez for Heisman.
  11. Holy shit, Jax drives right down & scores. Gotta get the 2 now. And good! Jesus shit, Sam.
  12. Sam finally punches it in on 4th with a minute left, up 8.
  13. 1st & goal from the 1 for Sam up 1, 3 left.
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