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  1. truth be told, no I haven't been keeping up with the latest case counts and hospitalizations and deaths. I haven't for over a year and nobody in my family or circle of friends who have been vaxxed have gotten sick. Covid's over and if you don't want to get vaxxed that's on you.
  2. I forgive each of you. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Eh. 400, 3000, 10000...don't matter. We have had vaccines since Jan 2021 - since then all covid protocols should be terminated.
  4. My bad - thought that was the weekly total.
  5. Username doesnt check out. where did you get 3k? More like about 400. COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review | CDC Deaths The current 7-day moving average of new deaths (409) has decreased 15.7% compared with the previous 7-day moving average (486). As of April 13, 2022, a total of 984,744 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the United States.
  6. lol shut up - you got nothing.
  7. Don't like what I post? Put me on ignore. Or better yet - don't bother clicking on this thread that @Brothahorn specifically started for conservatives.
  8. I seem to recall something about that as I was watching Fox News while Sawbonz mom was trying to cuddle - that fucking bitch couldn't take a hint so I finally had to leave the bedroom.
  9. why the fuck you mentioning China? There are several other countries that produce steel In case you are wondering where I stand on tarriffs - no I don't support them.
  10. Tears of shame. My standards are usually higher than janky skanks.
  11. I rebutted your mom last night
  12. when you have nothing I'll admit, I'm no Einstein like AOC, but still....
  13. What color is the sky in your world? But hey - at least you have the mainstream media behind you (which is where I know you like them, am I right?) This blue checkmark has half a million followers...lol
  14. I wonder what this order will do to inflation...hmmmm....
  15. Holy shit didn't even know this thread existed or that there were any other conservatives in this wasteland of idiocy. But if you aren't excited about the future - what the midterms and 2024 will bring - you don't have a pulse. There's a reason Hispanics and Blacks and young people are leaving the Dems in droves. All we need to do is let Biden and Dems' record speak for itself - every major crisis facing this country stemmed from them: Inflation? Yeah printing money and trying to end fossil fuels will affect inflation. you think? Foreign Policy? Under Trump, we had peace everywhere. Biden? Afghanistan was a disaster and Obama let Russia have Crimea with no consequences and now they're trying to do a secret nuclear deal with Iran...what could go wrong? Illegal immigration? Yeah an open border policy will do that. Learning loss in school? that's what happens when lock kids out of school and turn the schools over to the teachers union who want to fetishize your kids while ignoring basic math and reading. And there's nothing that the Biden admin will do about it because they are bitches to the very online leftwing and mainstream media who believe that their shit don't stink. Oh yeah, Biden also needs the Easter Bunny to protect him from tough questions.
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