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  1. Only fools who get married in Nov./Dec. should be elopers and people on their 2nd+ marriage. Where they don't need an audience.
  2. Good points. She probably thought at some point she could get Tom on some yacht at Cannes hanging with Leonardo and @ChiTownDoc , in a speedo. That is not who he is. And thinking you can change a man is always a recipe for disaster. While she has every right to be pissed for having given up her career. She made that decision. She know what he was when she chose him. He didn't just become TB12 over night.
  3. She had me back in the Moesha days but for some reason she didn't want me.
  4. Just hire Bielema back [emoji16]
  5. Bruce Arians leaving him is hurting him right now more than Giselle leaving.
  6. It's hard out there for honest people who just want to live their lives. You're stuck between the cops and the criminals.
  7. I've had a 360 and a One X. Never had any issues with controllers that were not caused by me.
  8. Shit I wish we could have afforded carpet and paneling. We had wood floors and sheetrock.
  9. LOL @ those prices. That was a hell of alot of money back then. And still is today. First console was Sears Video Arcade, based off Atari 2600.
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