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  1. It's ok to admit you have light yellow fever
  2. Dear NFL. Fuck you. Five years ago, this game made sense. But you knew damn well when you made the 2023 tv schedule this game was trash. Both of these coaches and teams need to move along.
  3. Would it be a recruiting violation if Deion gave every recruit an autographed jersey of their choice? FSU, Falcons, 49ers, Yankees, Braves, Cowboys, Redskins, Ravens take your pick. Kind of like You Buy, We Fry. You sign, I sign.
  4. Jordan Love may turn out to be a decent QB. He just needed time.
  5. Miami. They seem to have a problem with winning teams.
  6. Brown's turn now. Those two dudes are the baddest WRs in the league.
  7. I'd love to see Greenlaw go find him like old school WWF.
  8. Why does an NFL coach need security in the middle of the game?
  9. Philly security guard needs to know his place. That is bullshit.
  10. A tech for telling Bron Bron to stop acting like a bitch. WTF
  11. Will is going to be what Mario was supposed to be.
  12. I think he broke his leg. Ref in New Orleans game.
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