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  1. High School Hall of Fame.
  2. What else could they say? Especially with the lawsuit still pending.
  3. Big fan of the 4 game screen over Red zone also.
  4. Can't you already watch live local games for free? They want you to pay for preseason and replays, LOL. They should just offer a mini Ticket plan that lets you pick a couple of teams or 2-3 games every week.
  5. I'd take any of those but Espn+, they are already a beating with what they have. Can't imagine having to deal with them for Sunday ticket.
  6. You went extreme with regards to the militia in Uvalde, trying to be cute. Hell the militia could not have done any worse than the cowardly cops. Might have even done better. No I don't think it's 51% either way. I actually think once decent people have to make decisions, you and the rest will be surprised on limited it will be. Of course there will be the big blue state outliers, but not everyone wants to kill a child in the 3rd trimester. When voters and politicians have to go on record as opposed to just parroting the narrative, things won't be so easy. Those are your feelings, backed up by no facts. Your projections don't scare me. Reagan was overrated and the NRA made some bad decisions, however they also did shit like this. Your johnny come lately ass should know better, but clowns gonna clown. Alright, it's been fun but I'm not fucking with you goofballs all night. Thanks for the fun. Remember, States rights/Vote with your feet. Fuck you and goodnight.
  7. Gun control has racist origins and the party that she and you supports are the ones pushing gun control. Learn your history. You're an bigger idiot if you think throwing some bullcrap about the 13th into the when discussing RvW. You do understand what an amendment is right? I am no constitutional scholar, but even I know the difference in overturning an amendment to the constitution vs overturning RvW. C'mon Son. Be less progressive.
  8. As usual you always go the extremes when you got nothing else. Nice diversion.
  9. Ok Joy, As usual it will be the Democrats like you I need to worry about.
  10. If I could get and afford a suitcase nuke, I damn sure would get one. Because if I have to depend on the cops(like the ones in Uvalde) I'm fucked anywa..
  11. You did when you voted for clowns like this. Who were perfectly fine with letting judges make law instead of doing their job. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-biden-abortion-interview_n_5d027e94e4b0985c4199c33a Don't cry now.
  12. Such as lazy ass argument. If the constitution flows your way then every thing is fine. If not then it's useless. Until you need it again. Is abortion outlawed? Or is the decision being sent back to the states where it belonged to begin with. If you support wholesale abortion, then you are part of the problem. Black Lives Matter, remember?! Soft serve, weak kneed fear mongering. Yeah because a bad decision was overturned, everything else is 'doomed'. "Arms" a means (such as a weapon) of offense or defense
  13. Ain't nobody getting those ho's pregnant.
  14. LOL. One is in the actual constitution, the other was not. If it was that important, your politicians would have drafted a law by now. But, you already knew that.
  15. New York should do what their citizens want. Texas should do what their citizens want. At the end of the day, it will sort itself out. People have choices. The fearmongering is pathetic.
  16. The 'they' would be you and your flock. The blood you have on your hands can never be washed off, no matter what. How many lil Panchos have been sacrificed because you bent the knee?
  17. Black Baby Lives Matter(in some states). Fuck the chickenshit racists, soft serves and pro-murderers. You still got States Rights. Vote with your feet, LOL.
  18. When you wake up the next day, does that make you feel any better?
  19. A smart man knows his limitations. This dude wasn't smart.
  20. Question..How many of the 66 did the grand juries talk to?
  21. Deshaun got that Lex Steele/Peter North skeet game.
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