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  1. Social Tokens, Mr Beast, etc. Next Doge? I've been following this coin, they have some of the top Youtubers. I think it could be good, I made 100X on Doge.... A Mr beast coin? Worth putting in a bit,
  2. MDX is live, I like this guy... Dude is Live, getting high, drinking, enjoying his bitcoin wealth.
  3. Good movie, need to rewatch, so this was the controversy,...
  4. Fuck me, What do you want me to look up now, Are you a teacher? Lots of homework. Bring it, I like to learn!
  5. But there are stages, and that Bell. I will provide the stages when I'm not High!
  6. Ugh, Even my 80 year old mom thought Clint was not sexy and too old for that movie. Bridges, Shirtless...
  7. Ya'll are really fucking my fun 250 year theory, fuck you all!
  8. lmao, movies have been shit, we are down to Guarding Tess.
  9. I looked it up! You are saying I'm dis ingenuous? Whatevers, I forgot what we were talking about. Have a good one!
  10. lmao, one wonders why there is so much left talking and not right, b/c the left likes to just personally attack the right and not have a civil debate. Lets start over, I hope to see you all on another topic.
  11. I hope that is the case and I'm all for it! I had fun with this theory, and I hope you all did as well!
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