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  1. Jokic is just unbelievable. He always makes the right play. He doesn’t do bad possessions. He knows when to shoot a three. He knows when to bully ball. He knows when to shoot those ridiculous floaters off one foot that he never seems to miss. And God knows he sees the floor better than anybody since Magic and is just a preternatural passer. He’s damn near flawless. Absolute witch.
  2. I’ve told this Walton story on here before. He was calling a spurs lakers playoff game way back in the day and we’re sitting pretty close to the broadcast table. Good seats obviously. Halftime rolls around and Kobe spent the first half trying to distribute to his teammates and they were missing everything in sight and you could tell he was getting pissed. Walton walks by and I say, “Hey Bill. How many times do you think Kobe passes the ball in the second half?” He looks me dead in the eye in full Walton voice and says, “Not very many” and starts laughing. Halftime is almost finished and he comes back to the table holding one of those Where’s Walton tie dye tshirts. He comes looking for me and hands me one. So great. I love Bill Walton.
  3. I think it’s closer to half that many but either way, it’s bananas to throw up the most efficient fourth quarter of the entire season in the finals when you’re about to go into a 2-0 hole. Their season’s probably over otherwise.
  4. We got a series. Miami is tough as nails. I can’t believe they didn’t foul up 3. Got away with one. That Murray three was damn close.
  5. Miami zone really taking Denver out of rhythm. And Denver isn’t a great defensive team. They haven’t been all year. Miami shooting a crazy percentage but they’ve had open looks all night.
  6. That touch from Jokic. Not even fair.
  7. Good start for Miami. Hope we get a compelling game.
  8. Yep. Haven’t seen them in years. Can’t wait.
  9. Yes. Tony owns the team and hired his brother to coach. I'm pretty sure he tried to swindle a couple of my friends on a bar deal out on 1604 back in the day.
  10. When the other coach is Tony Parker's dipshit little brother, that's not really a good sign. But for sure it's coaching malpractice not to have Wemby more involved.
  11. FYI... you don't have to download the app. Can watch on nba.com https://www.nba.com/watch/event/game-lnb-betclic-elite-lyon-villeurbanne-vs-boulogne-levallois
  12. Texas A&M needs to inform the rest of the conference post haste that once we officially get in, we will be ramrodding a 9 game schedule down everybody's throat whether they want it or not. Because that's apparently what we do as part of our being bad conference mates. Alabraska needs to get the message.
  13. Right? But there's a lot more interesting shit to talk about going forward than something that happened 25 years ago. Like Wemby's personal trainer and what he's doing to keep him healthy:
  14. There's also the Logan, "Uhh huh," permeating the show. Someone should count those as well.
  15. I wished I had rewatched the first one beforehand. It would have been helpful to have a refresher for sure.
  16. Lol. God dammit I'm fucking old and can't remember shit. Whatever. They won game one by 4. They could have easily lost it. The rest of the post still stands. it's not that far fetched for them to have lost that series.
  17. It’s easy to say that in hindsight but there was a much different vibe in the moment. Also that Portland team was really good and really deep. They had just knocked off the 800 lb gorilla that was the Stockton/ Malone (MVP that year) Jazz, coming off back to back finals including beating the Spurs in 5 the previous year (Tim’s rookie season). There was so much trauma from the ghosts of playoffs past - the Strickland pass, Barkley closing the Hemisfair, Run TMC, the Rodman stuff, Hakeem, the fucking Jazz - that you were just waiting for the bottom to fall out. And the Blazers were cruising in game 1. It wasn’t just the shot that was a miracle, the spurs were down 18 in the third quarter. When Sean hit that shot, everything changed. It gave the Spurs unwavering confidence. You can’t just look at the sweep in a vacuum and say they would win anyway. Let’s play out a hypothetical where Sheed blocks the shot and the Spurs lose. The Spurs won game 2 by 1 point coming back down 8 in the fourth again. Do they win that game if they lose game 1? I dunno. But it’s not hard to imagine them going back to Portland down 2-0 with their old “oh shit here it comes again mindset” and losing the series. Duncan gets hurt the next season. Then there’s the Kobe / Shaq three peat. Pop who was wildly unpopular after the Bob Hill deal, probably doesn’t survive that many years without a ring. Duncan ends up in fucking Orlando. The team moves to fucking St. Louis or some shit. It sounds ridiculous but it’s not that difficult to imagine that alternate scenario.
  18. Holy shitballs that movie was ridiculous. The animation… my god. Just an incredible film. My only criticism is that it is so visually spectacular that it’s almost overwhelming. Absolutely loved it though.
  19. Also... I wasn't necessarily implying Monty was a bad dude because of the wife thing. I just heard he was an asshole in general from someone who worked fairly closely with him and hardly ever says a bad word about anybody. I only brought up the wife because of how much that plays into the general perception of him. And for sure CP3 should get more credit for that finals run than Monty. Again, I think Monty is an extremely average coach. His biggest accomplishment in Phoenix was being a port in the storm during the Robert Sarver bullshit. I just don't think he brings much to the table. Detroit could have hired an up and coming assistant who would be just as good if not better for a fraction of the cost.
  20. Paying Monty Williams $78.5 million for 6 years is fucking insanity. He's a bad coach. He coached New Orleans for 5 years (first with CP3 / David West, and then with Anthony Davis) and won a grand total of two playoff games. Not two playoff series, two games. The next playoff adjustment he makes will be his first. I can somewhat believe he got hired, but holy shit that is the worst overpay in NBA coaching history. Even Jimbo Fisher thinks that's a bad contract. And I also have it on pretty good authority that he's not exactly a great dude. Nobody has gotten more mileage out of a eulogy than that guy. And if he were that broken up about his wife of 20 years tragically passing, he probably wouldn't have gotten engaged 6 months later to a Spurs staffer who was described to me as, "I don't know what it is with that woman, but every guy she sleeps with falls madly in love with her. She must have a magic pussy." So... $78.5 million and magic pussy? I guess Monty is doing okay for himself.
  21. He's going to be doing mind bending shit nightly -- things that we have never seen on a basketball court before. I can't fucking wait.
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