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I was previously on these sites as NBMisha.  A bad back injury set me back a couple of years and I couldn’t now remember my credentials, thus a different, even goofier name.  You guys get my inaugural post.

‘I goofed around for most of my life just playing around on guitar, for short periods every 5 years or so.  After 2 years of being unable to play, I have now started over.  One of the tasks is to rationalize the guitar inventory as I focus on one our two.  I am new to the selling game.  I live on Bainbridge Is WA, and am talking to a Seattle shop about consignment.  Of course I could mail things anywhere in the US, according to testimony on this board.  I just thought I ought to expose you all to these.

1.  1994 Les Paul Std, sunburst.  This has maybe 6 hours playing time.  When buying a piano for my then 1st grader I got talked into getting this.  I was completely unready, had no teacher (then in Sumatra), so back in the case it went.  30 years later, it needs to get into the right hands.   I can’t imagine there is a more mint 94 LP. Internet shows strong pricing for early 90’s.  I’d be looking to get 75% of “retail” plus shipping.  This is what the local guys are offering.

2,.  1975 Martin D28-12.  This is two owner, the first being my original teacher in Bakersfield, and I was so amazed I bought it in 1978.  Played it a couple years then life, marriage, etc put the kibosh on guitar for a few decades.  The pick guard has been replaced.  Martin case, etc.  Same terms as above.


if there is any interest I can post pictures and we can conjecture around numbers.  If no interest, no problem.  

Glad to be back among you folks.  Appreciate any advice you have on this.   


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