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  1. nbmishoid


    Yea, the article lays clear the community’s values.
  2. nbmishoid


    The denials of accountability in that story are sickening
  3. Like much of life, dumb but not changeable
  4. Need a huge pile of cash for this trade in strategy. Keep dividing by 2, etc. 5 trades and you are at 1/32.
  5. The thought of tfg taking a deal is shorting out my brain. Ah, he would only take one with no jail time. Not gonna happen.
  6. Their importance is increasing. But their reliability is low. Not really a friend, as the US defines it (do what I say)
  7. But starting with the number of guns here, and considering today’s politics, facts cannot help define a policy that would get implemented and supported
  8. Better late than never. Talking about me, pretty much along this timeline, esp re Iraq.
  9. Don’t know why, but I like that we rank highly. What do we do with the endowment money? Can it be used to lower attendance costs?
  10. I just think even Putin realizes how uncontrollable and dangerous tfg is,
  11. 35% was ya basta for the Nazi’s. But, their opposition was fragmented
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