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  1. Reek for VP. Pretty much how tag will run the selection. Well done, sir.
  2. Outside of Tx and FL, is there a bigger pos?
  3. Last time Anc, 4-5 hrs ago, it was no longer there. I would assume they packed it up and moved to Phx. Assume you drive by on the way to and from church.
  4. GABC opened during our time there. Greatness. This was on 5th or so, near the Sheraton, forgot the name.
  5. When we were in Luanda and the kids were in school in the UK, we met them in Faro and toured by car for three weeks. Outside of the Algarve we stayed at Posadas, which are owned by the State, and are typically castles, old convents, hunting lodges, etc. We reserved these way in advance. We toured all the way to the northern border, listening to local Radio Nostalgia, and a triple Taj Mahal cd. Spoke a fair amount of Portuguese so could operate most anywhere so didn’t need to restrict where we wanted to explore. Definitely visit Cintra if one is in Lisbon. Espanol speakers will have no problem. Go to ground for as long as you can. Folks are wonderful in Portugal and any attempt to deal with them in Portuguese is rewarded.
  6. As have I, before we were married, in Anchorage, and she bought me a table dance.
  7. It would easily be above a billion if not multiple billions. There are a handful of pieces of art known universally like David and Mona Lisa. If it actually became available for purchase there would be no shortage of billionaires or governments lining up to purchase it no matter the price. Speaking as one who has seen it up close, the reaction is simply this is the greatest sculpted work of art by man, period. Maybe the best possible. This is its power for education. As an object lesson in excellence par excellence. Of course, examining and processing excellence, as a learned experience, is not really in the interests of the right. It really needs to be blotted out as a concept. Replaced by most outrageous.
  8. nbmishoid


    Firstly, they can’t spell it. Wasn’t taught at Christian academy, or from the home school materials.
  9. Taking over from Secretary of the Treasury Green.
  10. R’s do not want to contribute financially to society through collective effort. They are against every tax increase, no matter the purpose ( outside of punishing alternative energy).
  11. But the dems hurt you financially. You were asked to enumerate , but you demurred.
  12. Guess is wrong, but well intended. About 50 of those books were in my field, the rest not. I can’t deny the significance of the range of issues the Bible and other ancient texts bring to the fore. I don’t buy, in principle, that any book has the last word, and I have a hard time granting societal design priority status to a tale of fiction. Why not Cormac McCarthy? Whatever topic the Bible brings up, that you and I might care to discuss, there must be hundreds of better researched and explained versions that are closer to “the data”, and on these three points better suited for reference. I’m not so much anti Bible as pro diligence, work ethic, etc in pursuit of knowledge that will help oneself and the world. Leaning on the Bible is not working nearly hard enough. Working hard is the key lesson UT gave me. Those words on the Union…
  13. Thanks, 956, another well informed and reasoned post. Fact is, I have read the Bible, numerous times - the number of chapters read a week was one of my challenges in COC Sunday school. How I know ( or thought I knew) there are 1008 chapters in the Bible. I imagine I just got sick and tired of it. But I’ve read perhaps 1500 books since then, predominantly non fiction, almost all of which seemed to me better, in terms of informing my world to the betterment of society. All of them give me context. There is no special sort of context. I guess I conjecture a special relativity applying to published thought: there is no center, and no common point of reference. How can there be?
  14. Beauty is a matter of taste. De gustibus, non est desputandum. Truth is not a matter of taste. More a matter of sufficient effort.
  15. I have stated this bottom line numerous times. Refer to Rorty for an extensive discussion. You can’t refute or otherwise inform the point by simply being pissy And did I give a single inference that Christianity was cruel? I simply said I learned the foundation of ethics without the help of religion, more so with the help of the kid up the street that ended up shot and in prison.
  16. The only public spectacles being made, that I have seen in nearly 7 decades, have been and continue to be made by religionists. If not all, the at a ratio of 1000/1 or more. As for reading, and we really mean study, I have to admit my curiosity is about world we live in, not an imagined world. As for ethics, the bottom line of not being cruel I learned on the street before 1st grade. Not a single individual in the world can stipulate the ethics of others.
  17. Everyone? Shall all Christians read the Koran, study the Buddha, etc. There are thousands of documented religions. Shall all of us study relativity, evolution, and Black history. I think these last three would be better for all to read, if we are seriously ranking reading opportunities.
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    The wisdom just keeps coming, 😎
  19. nbmishoid


    Upthread, he said the truth: it is about money. He is not a citizen, merely a taxpayer who views the optimum as no tax, which is the logical result of only supporting tax cuts. This is also offensive, to be exposed to such vile selfishness. This is at the heart of Poe: conserve, strengthen, and enforce his world.
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