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  1. You say that as if it isn't a better career than any of us have.
  2. There are five Nolan movies I enjoyed more than Dark Knight. And four of them came after. Dunkirk isn't nonsensical. It's slow and you don't have to struggle to keep up. I fucking loved Tenet because I didn't even try to keep up.
  3. If my short list is 50, it's in there. https://www.theyshootpictures.com/21stcentury_allfilms_table.php
  4. I was actually directing all of it at you, you whiney, eye rolling fucktard.
  5. Actually, it's just a sliver of guilt, it's well deserved, and it makes me a much stronger and prouder and critical thinker and citizen. I also don't have to lie to myself or belittle other Americans to satisfy some pathetic patriotic dick measuring contest.
  6. Miguel's father isn't Mexican. He's a Honduran living in Mexico. And I hope he is Danny Trejo.
  7. Whole season was worth it just to hear the eagle cry when hawk took off his shirt.
  8. Early on in the pandemic I was looking at infection and death rates a couple of times a day it seemed. Then I just said "fuck it", what's the point. Any particular good links with the cleanest easiest to read US and world graphs? I'm probably less interested in state and local than I am country and world.
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