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  1. https://www.facebook.com/199098633470668/posts/6130920826955056/
  2. Holy fuck I'm watching yesterday's game all over again.
  3. This is not my proudest of work, but the pics arent doing the justice needed here. I splurged on a wagyu ribeye today because I had a gift card from work. Cooked to 115° IT in the oven @ 200°. Rested for about 15 mins, then seared above a red-hot lump charcoal fire about 4" below the grate. Got a decent crust tonight, but sacrificed some color in the process. Either that, or the fact it sat for 20 mins before I cut into it while catering to an ailing 4 year old. The pics don't do it justice. But it was delicious. (Pics got armybrat'd again, thanks imgbb)
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