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  1. Could you imagine living through the years where you were literally a qb away from being special, then you get a special qb that forces his way out.
  2. Well it’s definitely not the white meat lol. That would just be a ridiculous take
  3. That’s what happens when we’re down for 10 years and they get SEC SEC hype.
  4. That’s always been the rule. If the lineman moves, it’s just a neutral zone infraction. It makes sense to do it on short yardage situations. But if you stay in your stance and catch them in the neutral zone that’s the free play. They can’t just let it go our it would be a false start. That’s why they have to call something.
  5. The lineman popped up and didn’t stay in his stance. They had to call it a neutral zone infraction. Brady was mad at the lineman after the play.
  6. “What the fuck are you doing” lol Tom. Gotta love it
  7. Really hoping the “it’s hard to beat a team 3 times” narrative holds true. I’m sick of the saints.
  8. What an incredible spot by the ref right there.
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