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  1. I watched this earlier today. Really cool that they did this. Clevinger and Jomboy have always been pretty cool, but Bauer has either started to mature or he just had a bad reputation. All content that he’s put out recently (pardon my take, Pat McAfeee, etc) has shown him to be a pretty funny dude. Clearly a weird dude though..
  2. Kinda wish it would’ve been a competition, but whatever. Forbath did everything he could when he got here:
  3. Ha touché. When I first heard about this story i heard one test. I didn’t even notice the “tests” when I copied the tweet. Oops
  4. are we really canceling games because of one positive test now, or is there more to this?
  5. Right, we tired and failed to cheat on the same level as the Astros. Same as everyone else who attempted to steal signs in baseball. Nobody else had the audacity to take it as far as the Astros. And that’s ok. Like you said, if everyone is trying to do it, what’s the issue with pushing it further than anyone else? I actually agree with you on that. Plus, It doesn’t change history for the same reasons you mentioned about Barry bonds and the steroid era. Nothing was stripped. So you’re wrong. I would want my team to cheat to the highest extent if it meant giving my team an advantage. If we get caught, that’s the price we pay. But if they don’t strip the title, then yes I want to push the envelope further than any other team...like the Astros did. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sports aren’t about morals. They’re about winning and flags flying forever.
  6. You caught me. I’m so much of a red blooded American that I only thought about the 4 sports that Americans give a fuck about. Damn. So the Russian national team cheated more than the Astros, eh? Got it
  7. I feel like you’re confused by where I’m coming from. I just said I would want my team to do it. I would want my team to take whatever competitive advantage it could. Push the envelope as far as I possibly can without being stripped of a title. That’s what the Astros did. You should be proud. I would say most fans would want their teams to do whatever they could to win. How does that help me sleep at night though? What do you mean? And what am I cuddling? The fact that i wish my team cheated the way your team did? I’m far from moral high ground guy lol
  8. I’m not shifting goalposts. Y’all are talking about sports nobody gives a fuck about, or you’re talking about cheating that doesn’t have the intent of gaining a competitive advantage lol. You guys are the ones dancing around this. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Those are the team sports that America gives a fuck about. It’s the biggest cheating scandal in the history of American team sports. Call it moving the goal posts if you want, but y’all knew exactly wtf I was talking about lol. ”well actually the US chess team had a pretty bad scandal back in..” nobody gives a fuck about those sports lol
  9. Aggy has one tainted title, don’t they? I’m not saying... I’m just saying
  10. Biggest organization wide cheating scandal in the history of team sports lol. And that’s what makes it feel so different in the eyes of most fans. Steroids taken by individuals isn’t the same as a system of cheating that’s been instructed from as high up as the president of the team.
  11. It’s the same reason I want the University of Texas to fire tom Herman and hire urban Meyer tomorrow. I want to win at all cost. Fuck morals. College football is the dirtiest sports league of them all. Everyone is dirty. If you’re going to be in a league full of scum bags, lean into it and get the biggest scumbag you can find so you can win, because he’s the best coach available. So I’m not knocking what the Astros did. I’m just calling a spade a spade. Biggest cheating scandal ever
  12. I’m not angry about shit. I respect the Astros for pulling it off. That’s a fair trade off as a fan. I’d be fine with being known as the biggest cheaters ever if I got to keep a title. I’d want my team to do it. So no hate here lol. Plus the Astros cheating lined up perfectly with my teams window slamming shut, so it’s not personal for me. and it will happen. The nfl is going to happen even if roger godell himself dies of covid
  13. I made the edit way before you posted this. I reread what I typed and realized it didn’t sound right. Point still stands though. Greatest QB of all time, greatest coach of all time. They will go down as the greatest dynasty. Not the level of cheaters the Astros will be known as. Who knows. Maybe Hinch and Ludhow were robbed of their bellicheck/Kraft recognition because you got caught too soon. Or maybe you just need to win 3 or 4 more World Series to shake that image
  14. The pats have a 20 year track record of winnings. The Astros have won once, and an investigation on that season resulted in the biggest cheating scandal in sports. Tiny difference. One has a little bit more credibility built up. But they are silver medalist cheaters though. I’ll give you that
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