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  1. I tend to agree with you. One of the harsher punishment ideas that keeps getting thrown around is a multi-year postseason ban, but even then, they already got their title. If ownership told any franchise, especially one that hadn’t ever won a championship, that “we’re going to cheat to win a title, but it will ruin our pristine reputation, and we will get a 2 year postseason ban”, I think most would say that’s worth it.
  2. Looks like Sanu is gonna be out a few week, but he will almost certainly miss our game. Phillip Dorsett is currently in concussion protocol. So the question is, what no named wr are we about to make famous? Because outside of Edelman and James White, that offense has nobody.
  3. Right, but nobody else has come out yet. You’d think that would’ve already started, at least to a certain extent. Until they do, it’s just Fiers. And now they’re interviewing “thank god we got Osuna” douche, if I’m not mistaken. Who knows if he would actually spill anything, but he was fired by the organization, so he might have a motive. I’m just saying, at this point it’s just you guys. The Red Sox Apple Watch situation isn’t on the same level of this, at least not according to public perception and how it’s going to be handled in terms of punishment. So at this point it’s just a matter of assuming/hoping other teams are involved. And I think there probably are, but they haven’t been caught with concrete evidence. And probably not to this extent. There’s no reason to believe otherwise, other than to just say my gut tells me it’s more prevalent than we think. But that doesn’t mean shit.
  4. I think the main difference is the fact that commish at the time viewed the steroid scandal as a league wide problem. Right or wrong, this is viewed as an isolated incident where one team is cheating, with tons of evidence to back it up (both with actual footage and stats). It’s getting talked about both by the commish and the media as the biggest cheating scandal this sport has ever seen. And regardless of what you might think about how much it actually helped, or how many other teams were doing, perception is reality. Especially when Manfred isn’t going to do a league wide investigation.
  5. Can’t tell if you’re serious or not...
  6. I’m just saying, the way manfred is talking about this, I bet it’s more than just fines and loss of draft picks. A lot more. He’s talking about this like it’s as big a cheating scandal that the sport has ever seen. And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think NYY, LAD, and BOS fan bases run this league. More eyes are on those games than any other teams, and they’re easily the biggest fan bases (along with the cubs and Cards). If those fan bases feel like they got cheated and there is sufficient evidence to prove it, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on Manfred to over shoot on a punishment as opposed to giving them a slap on the wrist. I’m not saying that’s fair, or foul, but they got caught. It’s just like anything else. People get away with crimes all the time, but when you get caught, and more and more evidence keeps mounting, you’re going to get a pretty harsh punishment. ESPECIALLY when the hope is, this is only an Astros problem. It would take a ton of resources to do a league wide investigation on this. It would be easy to just scapegoat one team, really lay down the hammer, and hopefully scare any other team from continuing to do it if there are actually other teams doing it. Those teams (if they exist) don’t have the evidence staring Manfred right in the face.
  7. Both defenses have been top 5 against fantasy qbs, so you might as well go Rodgers.
  8. I doubt anything would get stripped, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if everyone from Luhnow to Hinch got fired and/or banned. I doubt it’s just draft picks and a fine at this point. This is turning into a huge story, and the biggest fan bases feel like they got fucked.
  9. Urban is one of the 10 or 20 best college coaches ever IMO. Everything from a top tier recruiter, talent evaluator who gets the most out of his talent, the ability to identity assistant coaching talent, game day coach. The list goes on. His only flaws are off the field. He’s the total package. Him and Saban are the only reason the SEC has the current reputation that it has. They carried that conference for a while. And you’re right. Nobody can guarantee anything. But out of EVERY available coach that I think would actually take the job it offered, he’s the closest thing to a guarantee IMO. He’s done it time and time again, and he’s done it at a program like Ohio State who might be one of the only programs in college football history who legitimately has higher expectations than us. I’m willing to sell my soul for that.
  10. I could absolutely see us playing well. Outside of Baltimore, we are EASILY the best offense NE has seen this year. And NE’s offense has looked pedestrian against every competent defense they’ve played, including Philly last week. Our d isn’t good, but it’s at least average. They’ve had some bad games, but every team outside of NE and maybe Chicago have had some really bad games defensively. With that being said, I can already see a 20-13 final score where we just have 4 or 5 bone headed plays that we can look at for why we lost the game.
  11. astros are about to get scapegoated. I have a feeling the punishment could be more than we’re leading on. I don’t know what that means necessarily, but I have a feeling manfred is about to make an example out of the Astros.
  12. Pop is about to retire, isn’t he... Why would he want to stay around for a full on rebuild? Fuck, man. It was one of the greatest 20 year runs in NBA history. My entire childhood. It’s all I’ve ever known.
  13. Am I crazy or was that a risky two point try right there? You miss it and it’s a 2 score game. It worked out, but it seems like you would wait to go for 2
  14. From the moment they started cracking down on defense holding, it’s made it harder to watch. You can thank the legion of boom for that, considering they held on every fucking play.
  15. Phillip needs to retire tomorrow and let Tyrod Taylor hold it down the rest of the year. It’s getting sad.
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