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  1. None of them. It’s a popularity contest with all the guys who weren’t good enough to make it past the divisional round.
  2. I was on the fence, but fuck it. I’m ready to see Mahomes continue his journey towards being the greatest qb to ever do it.
  3. I put that on Dak as much as Moore (or maybe even more on Dak). Point is, Kellen Moore was fine.
  4. I fully expect us to overpay Dak (barf) and franchise tag cooper. In fact, I’d be shocked if it didn’t play out exactly like that.
  5. I actually expect he’ll be a good OC. He’s a poor mans Wade Phillips at this point. A guy who will be a respected coordinator for the rest of his nfl coaching career, but will never get another shot as a HC. Plenty of coaches a lot worse than him have gone back to being successful coordinators
  6. Where did I say you mentioned the defense though? I’m fucking lost, man. It just seemed like Garrett was making a lot of excuses for being 8-8, and his defense was a bigger problem than his offense. That’s what i was getting at with my post. Did you really not understand that?
  7. Lol wait what? Where in my post did I say you said anything about our d. I’m confused
  8. Ask Garrett if Kellen Moore calling plays was the reason the defense went to shit. Moore wasn’t perfect at all, but for a first year coordinator/play caller, I would say he did pretty well.
  9. He even went out of his way to pick the Titans on Get Up today. Only person to do so, and he picked last. He is very much “look at me” and will do anything to make himself standout more. Even if it means throwing his former team and teammates under the bus. Fuck that guy
  10. Road game aside, we really should beat LSU next year if we’re worth a shit.
  11. What you don’t think pilot Pete likes black chicks lol? ”you are so...direct. I love that about you” haha
  12. Yes and no. I like the look of a game being played outside, but sometimes I just want to see the two best teams play with no other outside elements. No wind, no rain, etc. Just give me the two best teams in a controlled environment
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