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  1. This was after the initial meeting in a suite at the Venitian, I can only assume.
  2. They say high blood pressure is not great when it comes to contracting this virus. I need to stop watching these press conferences. Fuck. This. Motherfucker.
  3. Man, this thing is just piercing its way through global heads of state.
  4. Hey now, as a lawyer myself I resemble that remark.
  5. Please, defend this administration's preparedness for this threat. He fucking gutted the professionals we had in place to address the potential threat, and outright ignored sage advice when it became a certainty in January.
  6. I’ll trade my third pick for an extra respirator if anyone has one - just in case. Is that how this works? I’m down.
  7. The tension is going to result in an impromptu orgy. Or maybe not so impromptu for MP - this is some 4D chess type shit. Well done.
  8. Yeah, I’m fairly confident we wouldn’t be in WW3. I’m also fairly confident she wouldn’t have shuttered various government positions overseeing public health out of spite for Obama.
  9. And this is how we end up with the least qualified, most narcissistic shitbag on the planet as the leader of the free world. Fuck you. His actions and inactions have cost real lives, not to mention the quality of life for so many Americans. People who think like this are a huge part of this country’s problems.
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