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  1. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps Hillary helped her husband’s political career - especially early on? Or are wives not really part of that whole “partnership” thing? Your grasp of simple human interaction and relationships is staggeringly deficient.
  2. Baylor grads must be so confused about how to feel about this development.
  3. On this topic: https://www.dataforprogress.org/blog/2020/8/12/how-much-turnout-could-matter-in-november
  4. Also, has anyone done the math on the number of eligible voters that have turned 18 since 2016? And the number of Trump voters who have died? I think people are underestimating how politically motivated Gen Z is in this election. Stating the obvious, but if even a respectable number of these folks cast a ballot, this is a blowout of epic proportions.
  5. Yeah Tucker is never going to have it. Sorry.
  6. Enoli is quickly becoming my favorite new Astro. He is nasty too. I know I said it before but he reminds me a lot of Dotel.
  7. Ordered. https://store.joebiden.com/vp-pick-placeholder-yard-sign/
  8. I’m excited. I’m energized. Let’s win a fucking election.
  9. Dammit Pancho beat me to it. I was crying when I saw it a few minutes ago. Fucking great.
  10. Simple but slamming BLT. It had been a while. Delicious.
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