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  1. Turns out the whole party is this way, but Roger Williams is a fucking asshole. I’m in.
  2. What’s sad is that he didn’t even write it. There’s no way. Correct placement of the period inside the quotes, as well as correct use and placement of commas. There’s as much of a chance he wrote that tweet as he read the book.
  3. Local issue, but not sure where else to put this. Tony Buzbee is scum. Unfortunately looks like he’s forced a runoff - the guy is a Trumpkin clown. Anyone else catch his shitfaced rambling tonight? The guy is a train wreck.
  4. Your'e 100% right about Boras. But you're forgetting one of his clients that got a long-term deal done with the club he wanted to play for, without much drama and despite the fact he could probably have gotten more by waiting. I'm not saying Cole is anything like Altuve, but there is precedent of a client that reined in Boras's inclination to squeeze every penny. But...Cole ain't gonna be an Astro.
  5. And was Cole so salty after the game because AJ didn’t put him in when he pulled Greinke? Sucks.
  6. WHY THE FUCK DID HINCH PULL GREINKE FOR HARRIS. WHAT THE FUCK. AND WHY CAN WE NOT HIT WITH RISP? AND WHY THE FUCK IS BASEBALL SO DUMB? We ripped the ball to fielders all night off Scherzer, then Kendrick’s fluke HR goes out. It’s so frustrating.
  7. I disagree. The ‘17 team winning the title will always make this one easier than all the times we fell short before winning a WS.
  8. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard from a credible source that Correa broke his ribs from slipping in the shower while fucking Daniella. Polar opposite rumors, of course.
  9. I’ve been honored to start the season thread the past 3 years. It’s time to pass the torch to Lil’ Shep. We all know he’s got the magic, so I look forward to our 2020 WS title.
  10. But regardless, I love this team and I love you motherfuckers.
  11. I’ve been the biggest AJ defender on this site, probably to a fault. AJ fucking choked.
  12. Typical Houston sports bullshit choking heartbreak. I thought the ‘17 team broke the curse but I guess not.
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