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  1. Regarding that last sentence, Case would like a word, kind sir.
  2. At this point I’d be surprised if this isn’t George’s last year in Houston. Ugh.
  3. Give me Scrap Iron over Dusty any day of the week. Completely uninspiring.
  4. I have a bridge in Arizona for sale, if you’re interested. Here’s my prediction, not that anyone particularly cares. I think Luhnow gets a year off, Hinch gets half a season, we lose multiple draft picks and Crane has to pay a 7 figure fine. Now, MLB obviously has to be ready to hand out the same punishment if the Red Sox and Yankees, and anyone else in the same timeframe, get caught. But I think they will, because Manfred isn’t going to want this to be akin to the steroid issue which took way too long to get real repercussions to deter behavior. That, plus the juiced ball mess, would be bad for his legacy.
  5. One way or another, Luhnow, Hinch and Cora are going to serve lengthy suspensions.
  6. But wait...there's more...
  7. Well to be honest, the Chiefs aren’t the Bills.
  8. What’s the Buffalo fan’s Surly handle? I’d like to give him some pos rep. Great comeback - defense was stellar after halftime. And DW4 had his Jordan moment for this week. Gotta do it again next week, cause BOB’s gameplanning ain’t gonna do shit. Let’s hope the Titans hold on this last 2 minutes.
  9. To be fair, while most of us think that the season is about family, most of us haven’t been disowned by our entire family. I’m ready for this national nightmare to be over. Merry Christmas!
  10. I heard that on the radio and was shocked to discover that Georgia had apparently elected an 8th grader. Imagine having days, weeks even, to come up with a 2 minute speech in the House of Reps and dropping that gem. Badass alert! I heard it on the radio too. Was a Torbush moment.
  11. We collectively raise our middle fingers to this fucking asshole. What a joke the Republican Party has become. Decorum is dead.
  12. Some way to control parallel universes and live in the one that is "perfect." Not sure how to reconcile the fact that the plant melted down in the universe we know (or at least the control room has been destroyed) with Elliot somehow surviving. But I'm sure they'll find a way. I feel sorry for people who enjoyed Season 1 but dropped out during Season 2 (seems to be when most people dropped, and I can understand it). This season has been epic, and I anticipate the finale will be as good as the rest of the season has been. Just a phenomenal TV series.
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