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  1. having the shits for life is a proper punishment
  2. There’s a huge maga push to run election official positions for a reason. It isn’t for their love of this country.
  3. No vote should be counted until after the polls close, period. Knowing those results before they election would be extremely valuable to any candidate. You get maga gqp in that office, that can access that data and it’s as easy as that
  4. Thomas despises 99% of this country and wants to burn it down
  5. I think this org is always on the look out for a good deal. Need to raid the dodgers for another young super star.
  6. Complete bs this isn’t a noon game today on a get away day for the Astros. Leave with a W, give them a reason to hate us
  7. i was going to suggest el tiempo or ninfa's. let the ritas flow
  8. Martinez with a very nice outing tonight
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