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  1. as soon as he said : 'I feel threatened', I knew he was carrying
  2. once again, has it ever worked out for a karen ?
  3. his agent needs to be in a hall of fame, of just him
  4. so we have a president that's PRO living wage / increased minimum wage in Mexico, but AGAINST the same for US citizens ?
  5. in the early days, milf tik tok thirst was beyond real
  6. They should have went after the fleet the evening of dec 6th, problem solved
  7. how can a church that doesn't pay taxes receive a govt hand out ?
  8. im ready to take up arms if they take away tik tok, point me towards dc !!!!!!
  9. what did they think would happen ? everyone was going to abandon their factories in Mexico and re build in the US ? or was this trump playing 4d chess and buying all those illegal mexican votes ?
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