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  1. I’ve been involved in elections and mail in ballots are all about the fraud. In south Texas it runs $25 to $50 a vote. 100 votes can easily sway a small county election for county commissioner or county judge, big bucks are on the line that fraud is 100% focused on local races. No one on the city / county / regional level gives a flying fuck who’s president but they give a damn who’s handing out all those $$$ for local projects. also, illegals don’t vote. Period
  2. It’s on Tuesday for a reason, to keep the working man from voting
  3. Argentina and Belgium also have mandatory voting and it’s always on a Sunday
  4. Right wing media was hitting this hard today. Why are we crashing the entire economy when the flu is much deadlier ???
  5. Using Limbaugh’s argument against Fauci, Fauci like Kushner was not elected to make decisions
  6. that was my typo. limbaugh and hannity are complete idiots. they're spewing pure poison
  7. limbaugh has hard on for fauci today, pretty much calling him a quack without calling him a quack. keeps harping all the 'models' are horribly wrong and the media is over hyping this whole deal. fauci and others at work against trump over hydrochlorothiazide treatments - media and deep state don't want to give him credit for all the lives he's saved and/or going to save
  8. at some point they have to cut back, no where for the oil to go ?
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/opinion/jared-kushner-coronavirus.html
  10. midland boat dealers laugh in your face
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/ex-astros-slugger-evan-gattis-offers-profanitylaced-apology-for-signstealing-scandal-231912953.html
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