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  1. these people are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo screwed. i cant wait for their tears as prison sentences are handed out
  2. goto the schooner instead, get a big bowl of gumbo
  3. the maga crowd and those to the right of maga want to primary him
  4. also fuck this piece of shit for using this phrase - 'if Texas was it's own state ....' <<<< he fucking knows what he was doing here
  5. i believe the state has all final say in this. counties can RECCOMMEND you wear a mask but not enforce it
  6. tell me more, the lady friend drinks heavily - how's the bar scene and getting around (uber) ?
  7. he's tied for 9th (17) on all time post season hr list. he's on the list for all time greatest post season SS
  8. the Dali Museum is great. i go every trip to tampa
  9. lol ive resigned 3 times, that's always been my last day. always got paid for my two weeks notice.
  10. meeting with biden in houston isn't going to help him at all
  11. next time i go to SA, im stopping !!!
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