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  1. Get rid of BoB tonight bring Riley or Bienemy
  2. tx 3 putt

    Truck Nuts

    i love my bakflip and the 'clean' look. it looked very easy to install. i bought mine at the same place I got bed sprayed and they installed for free https://bakflip.com/p/bakflip-mx4-tonneau-cover/v/ford/f150/2019/ also, best $50 I spent on this truck :: BedRug Tailgate Mat. sure makes sitting on your tailgate a hell of a lot more comfortable. highly, highly recommend
  3. To be the best, you have to take down the best !!!!
  4. Of course he does, the kush tells him daily how great he is
  5. come on now, we all know that honest Abe moved a good chimichanga !!!!
  6. He didn’t lose because of straight ticket voting
  7. So Bannon is telling R activist to go signup to volunteer to be Election Day volunteers. Then proceed to challenge as many votes as possible, plug up the system. makes sense in R controlled swing states. Bring the system to a halt. Desantis is ready to taken the situation over. Supreme Court will be ready to back him
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