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  1. Standard league. Flex Allen Robinson or Austin Hooper today?
  2. Guice coming back online this week.
  3. Good thing I put forth the Jets D.
  4. DeSean Jackson marked healthy. Figures.
  5. I have faith. I also have DeSean Jackson on the bench. But I have less faith in him.
  6. Davante Adams. I’ll be offline tomorrow after 9am. Any chance he’ll sit? Yahoo and CBS seem bullish on him.
  7. Sad thing is if I did snag him I wouldn’t have started him. No chance to get him now. Hopefully it’s just a flash in the pan and he sucks the rest of the season lol.
  8. Nobody in my league has gone after Drake yet. I don’t need him with Jones, McCaffrey and Hyde (as a bye week fill in and RB3 flex), but am now thinking about playoff depth.
  9. No. But then again, I don’t play in a 1RB league.
  10. $0.02: Jones for Mixon is a huge downgrade. Edelman is an upgrade over Boyd. And McLaurin has nobody to throw to him so he’s a huge gamble.
  11. AI Dinesh vs AI Gilfoyle was brilliant.
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