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  1. UHS’s turn. https://techcrunch.com/2020/09/28/universal-health-services-ransomware/
  2. Indy D was a nice pickup. Makes up for me sitting Golladay.
  3. It’s a step down at QB A wash at RB Possible upgrade at TE My $0.02 Not worth it
  4. Would y’all trust Golladay if he goes this weekend? “ Kenny Golladay hopeful for Week 3 Posted: 1 hr ago. via fftoday.com Admits he's not 100 percent Kenny Golladay: “Definitely feeling a lot better. Wouldn’t say it’s 100 percent, I really wouldn’t even put a percentage on it. I just know I’m not 100 percent. I’m going to do everything I can and hopefully I showed enough (in practice this week) that I can be out there.” (Tim Twentyman on Twitter)”
  5. Hines I’m holding to. He’s there for emergencies and right now there ain’t nobody left on waivers worth a shit except for whatever shmuck is replacing Mccaffey and Barkley.
  6. That was complete bullshit call on the block.
  7. Mcaffrey went first overall but I’m pretty sure I did better with Aaron Jones. At least this week. Damn.
  8. I can work with this
  9. Valid point. His matchup is better too.
  10. Standard league. Assuming Golladay is out again, do I go with Mike Williams or John Brown? I’m leaning Williams since reports of his injury have been greatly exaggerated.
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