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  1. I came across one of his videos last year and next thing I knew I watched like 10 in a row. What I like about it is that he makes the music side of it approachable for non-musicians like me who just like music. I’ll also give him some credit for inspiring me to go learn an instrument this year.
  2. My Pillow! Actually it's not even the commercial that bothers me so much. It's the giant horse-teeth/dentures of the chick at 1:20. https://youtu.be/3FqPmkq7_Ek
  3. All good. The Mrs doesn’t ski so the more info the better .
  4. Considering for spring break skiing. Never been to the area. Where should I be looking? Any specific resorts that provide a ski in / ski out experience? Anything else to look at?
  5. Depeche Mode has grown on me over the years. Incredibly talented band that put on a hell of a live show. Glad they’re in.
  6. Wide open Kelce lol. He was just standing there.
  7. That and his receivers aren’t catching catchable balls .
  8. During the regular season I’d say Baltimore wins this 42-14 but Titans look like they on a mission.
  9. DFW out of the woods. Have fun A-Town.
  10. Yeah this a serious clash of air masses. Storms to roll through the night....
  11. Yeah that’s some nasty shit . Hope it dies down before moving much further NE .
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