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  1. Just so I’m following, who are we blaming the current deaths on?
  2. Maybe those are ligustrums. I’m just guessing on the big purple ones. But I’m holding out hope.
  3. My lawn seems to be ok. It’s mostly Bermuda with a side patch of St Augustine. Guess we shall see in a month or so what’s what. My bigger concern is my landscaping. A few specimen plants I have don’t look good but they can be replaced. Its the anchor bushes that don’t look good. Those take time to get current size. The branches are still flexible so I’m hoping it’s ok. Indian Hawthornes: Loropetalum:
  4. Was wondering how does a freakin termite get it on with a 16 year old and then I saw this Daaaamn
  5. If you can’t source the chlorinator, cap it off. I haven’t used mine in years. I opted for this guy instead, much easier to maintain.
  6. This. We have a front door cam and a driveway cam. Driveway cam is amusing sometimes as we get random wildlife wander the premises from time to time in the wee hours, although we really got it to make sure nobody was nosing around where they shouldn’t be. If you can’t record the footage what’s the point.
  7. My FIL’s is toast too, but not that bad. I told him find somewhere online that has the lid in stock and order it. Local shop says expect delays.
  8. Our Mercedes 4Matic has been kickass this past week, even with shitty half-worn all-seasons. It’s great in rain etc too. But isn’t “high mode” in most modern 4x4’s the same thing as AWD?
  9. 3 frost-proof 6-inch spigots. No issues, just had them covered with a styrofoam cover. Didn’t drip them or do anything special. North Dallas area.
  10. Yeah in the same boat in DFW but not complaining. Blocks away from those who have been out since Monday morning.
  11. Go plug in an extension cord or three to his external plugs.
  12. Ok good to know. Fingers crossed.
  13. Atmos is going to love me. I set my pool heater to 37 degrees for the next 48 hrs. Already getting ice around the edges and an indicated temp of 35. You pool people, is this the right idea? Or will it be fine with single digit temps forecast tonight and tomorrow?
  14. Buddy of mine posted this. Thankfully no casualties yet at the Higgy household.
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