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  1. As long as we're voting, my thought is to get an update from immamac on when expects it to go both ways. If it's soon, just leave it as is. The surly to discord quoting sucks, but I'm the opposite of chickenSandwich discord >>> this board, because 1) no F5, and 2) far superior search functionality.
  2. See above. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. I second schwab for pennies. Some others would recommend TD Ameritrade
  4. Yep, that's the one! Thanks, need more coffee evidently.
  5. I love me some discord. I always have it up regardless, so it's great for me. did Immamac ever say what the timeline was for dual directionality or whatever the term is?
  6. South Austin's mom enjoys both pickles and balls. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  7. The link on the main page should take you to it. Download the Discord app if you're on mobile.
  8. Yeah, just got up to 5 again, and I'm out. I figure if nothing else I can get back in next week if it tanks.
  9. I was able to sells some on Fidelity at $4.06. I have another limit order at $4.98, but we'll see. It's not much, and I'm fine letting it ride long term in the likely event it doesn't approach $5 again today.
  10. Thanks fellas. Account opened. Now we wait for the funding.
  11. Fidelity no likey the SPSO. I'm guessing that's going to be a common theme with grround floor no financial pennies. Are you guys mostly using Ameritrade?
  12. Yeah, I was down 28 at one point and rethinking my life, but clawed it's way up to only be down 6. Rxmd just kind of fell off a table, rolled around a while, then fell down again. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  13. I've got a little bit of money to buy. AMY, TSPN, and ALPP all down 20%. What do y'all think? ALPP?
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