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  1. Was it a dumb joke? Yes, yes it was. Are dumb jokes fun? Only if you're a dad (See: Dad Jokes) Was it also a racist joke? Yes, yes it was. Are racist jokes fun? Only if you're a racist. (See: Racism) Most, I'm sure, wouldn't advise you make neither dumb nor racist jokes, but if your point is that racist jokes don't matter if it was a dumb, racist joke, then that's a terrible take. (It is also a terrible take if you don't understand why it would be racist.) If your point was that all dumb jokes shouldn't be lumped in with racist jokes when discussing appropriateness, then that's a better take as not all dumb jokes are racist jokes and they should be judged on their own, non-racist, merits. Though helpful advice for anyone starting a career in comedy, and I'm sure appreciated by personified non-racist dumb jokes the world over, it is definitely a unique view on the situation.
  2. banned for one post season. That'll learn em.
  3. I actually love this idea. Fuck manufactured patriotism.
  4. Not sure where to put this, but impactful: Why we may be reaching a tipping point for the Power Five to break away from the FBS
  5. That's awesome, also it reminded me to Fuck OU.
  6. Ha, we're in the same part of the world and I've been wondering that myself.
  7. Admittedly I'm just peaking in from time to time, so what IT update did I miss?
  8. Considering the MWC gets $20m a year for all their games on CBSSN, I'm guessing UConn nutted themselves a mill or two.
  9. don't you even do the google bro? Why do college footballs have white stripes?
  10. They didn't clarify in the article. They just said if they are listed as a school booster, they can't pay kids. Basically you either support the school or the kid it seems. California's law, I believe, draws the distinction, saying you can't be sponsored by Nike if your school is Adidas, but I don't know if that applies in what they are discussing. Obviously its not finalized yet.
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