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  1. I just want us to humiliate Tech like never before. Of course without a field rush by our fans because it won’t be our Super Bowl.
  2. They had to throw everyone a newbie or two. I'd rather have lost Kansas or K State and kept Okie State.
  3. The Rig 12 Refs will have to find another game to screw us OSU style.
  4. OuSux got screwed! Oh yea it sux to be you OuSux.
  5. It's not rigging, yet. But it sure seems like it with the inconsistent calls, especially with the Touching the Passer, aka, Roughing the Passer calls. Throw in this BS on catches and the what is considered a completed pass, it's sending the game to NBA like unwatchability and the perception that league has with certain teams getting love all the time vs others. I like the Cowboys, but like many fans I am not a Jerry Jones worshiper. BUT, he has spoken out against a few things that have put his at odds with the Goddel and the rest of the owners. Or at least some of the other Primadonnas like ones like Kraft.
  6. The fact is the product that both Fox and CBS put out today is trash. The commentators are as boring as watching grass grow or paint dry. And they can't seem to mix up the piped in crowd noise. And the graphics suck on Fox.
  7. I don't know? Maybe the NBA can give us some insight?
  8. So we will be able to see who is feeding their dogs HEB flavored Brisket dog food and Chicken Fried Steak treats by the sudden amount of wait they put on? Because if this was my everyday diet, I'd be battling Fat Albert for the big belly title.
  9. New Braunfels is like HEB's favorite "small city" in Texas. They have the two Plus stores like the one you noted off I-35 which got a lot of buzz. with the other one across I-35 from Bucees. And the third store is past downtown on Hwy 46 and Loop 336 and it's not a Plus store, but it might as well be called one with the size and store layout almost being the same.
  10. LOL! Looking on Google street view, that store makes the HEB mentioned above in Ingleside look like a Plus store. Poor thing doesn't look like it's been updated since the 1970's.
  11. Got news my wife has breast cancer. She felt a lump right before Christmas and fortunately had her annual female exams scheduled right after New Year's Day. Biopsy was done on Tuesday on the left side and lymph nodes. Fortunately nothing in the lymph nodes, but confirmed in the breast tissue itself. We will be going up to MD Anderson to get this taken care of. Her Doctor down here thinks we got it in the very early stages, but it's a potentially a more rare form (Medullary) that is related to the Triple negative. Needless to say this is kick in the gut for all of us. She's 53, we just saw one out our sons get married a month ago so she was already looking forward to being Grandmother sometime in the future. We have a high school Junior and a year and some change from now she is gone and we will be empty nesters. And with that, opportunities to travel the world and possibly locate up to the Hill Country in a few years and build a home on a couple of acres. It brings things into perspective. She's a strong women for sure and I have my faith in God this will be defeated. But it's put a scare into me to get back to a somewhat healthier lifestyle. I used to workout ( and was in the best shape of my life) up to when Covid closed down my Gym and I let my diet go to crap and never really got back in the mode. One of her ultimatums is for me to remain strong and get healthy. It's a shame fricken cancer had to wake me up to this.
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