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  1. Some of us said during football season the Rig 12 Refs would show their hand during basketball. Not surprised at all. I knew we were about to get screwed in that game when the Ref reviewed the play that it appeared a rebound didn’t hit the rim and the shot clock got reset. We have a baseball series at Lubbock this weekend. Keep an eye on the Rig 12 Umps in this one.
  2. Where was I wrong? Did you watch any of the baseball in Houston this weekend? And this has to be the 10th basketball game this season where we farted away a 10 or more point lead.
  3. Why can’t we close out games early? Both our baseball and basketball teams hate early commanding leads!
  4. This so reminds me of some of our football teams of the not so distant past. Pierce needs to be on the hot seat.
  5. aggy had a campus in Qatar…… Why can Arkansas State have a campus Queretaro?
  6. Makes total sense. Kind of like the overuse of antibiotics.
  7. Question. When did peanut allergies become a thing? I’m getting close to “olds” status (52) to some around here and when I was kid I never heard of anyone nearly dying from peanuts or even being in the vicinity of peanuts. That being said there is no excuse for taking advantage of someone who is allergic to them.
  8. Alzheimer's sucks! Let's hope we can find a cure for this soon. Came close in 2016 to getting that ring. Had Aledo beat in every facet of the game except the scoreboard. I don't think they've really been smacked around in the state game since then? He also applied for the PNG job and almost got it back in the early 2000's until Calallen offered him more. Public Meeting tomorrow to take comment and appoint a search committee. I've heard some well established names have inquired along with some up and coming assistants at numerous state powers.
  9. I was wondering if anything was said about the softball complex. Compared to what OU Sux is about to open and a few other venues around the softball universe, we have some catching up to do.
  10. Nope. We have some good ones coming up. Whomever gets the job is going to be blessed with the talent the next five years. Especially next years Sophomore class which has been compared to the class that nearly knocked off Aledo in 2016.
  11. We should tell Tech to go to hell for eternity. Fuck those putos.
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