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  1. I forgot to note in my above thread when November came we practiced in three feet of snow at my high school near McAllen. This is after our parents made us walk five miles in that same snow to go to school after doing our chores on the farm. Carry on bashing we olds…..
  2. We should thank HEB for making sure there are no synthetic colors.
  3. Can Kirk Bohls be sent there with him?
  4. I grew up in the 80’s, but the mindset was similar about two a days, water, etc. The water break was getting on one knee while the coach went down the line with a jug of water and gave each player a mouth full. I tell these kids to today they have it easy for summer drills. Many schools have indoor practice facilities now. When they are practicing outside, they practice on their turf stadium or practice field high means they are not getting grass spurs or grinding on uneven ground. Plus they don’t have traditional two a days like we all had back in the day by UIL rule. Every other day is a two a day and this is limited because many schools will start class next week. Back in the day we usually started the last week of August and even some cases after Labor Day which gave us three weeks of hardcore two a days. Really the UIL should think about letting teams start a week earlier , like the last week of July because of the shifts in the calendar. I see too many kids not in game shape too many times now going into the second and even third weeks of the season.
  5. 11 plus the bowl. Mark it down Mother Fuckers.
  6. It Friday, August 5 in the year 2022 AD in Corpus Christi which is in the state of Texas, part of the United States of America located on the North American Continent on planet Earth .. I just want to say Fuck You Chip Brown!
  7. This should be the next State holiday.
  8. Consumer Reports is still around? I thought they were for the Olds?
  9. Yes they are. The Candy Cane special edition is the best that comes out at Christmas. Next to the Cookies and Cream.
  10. Bumping this up instead of starting a new one..... Thinking about QC for next summer.
  11. HEB Cookies and Cream. Better than the Blue Bell chit.
  12. This thread needs a vintage Raquel Welch break.
  13. If it’s an older unit, it might not have one.
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