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  1. Herman beating Utah solidly in the Alamo Bowl didn’t save him……. Just getting to a regional as a 4th seed is not our standard. We except to not only host a regional, but the super the following weekend. That is why the majority of the State High School baseball tourney is no longer played at the Disch.
  2. If we lose the majority of our remaining schedule it will not bother me if it helps in getting rid of David Pierce.
  3. No wonder UTEP has a shitty baseball program. El Paso’s best players are down in Edinburg.
  4. Adrian Alainiz had a chance two years ago to get into the college ranks as an Assistant or even a Head Coach at a small college, but decided to stay with his super team at Sinton. He’s an alum…… but hard pass right now.
  5. Losing 15-1 and maybe by more before this one is over makes you a bitch…..
  6. What sucks is every aggy I know is pumping their dicks and chests about their number one ranking while we can’t find our dicks. That fuck was Bjork actually made a good hire with their coach that I bet CDC would’ve loved to have , but timing.
  7. I bet you liked Charlie Strong , Tom Herman and Shaka Smart.
  8. The ticker tape parade will happen around the courthouse square in downtown Edinburg on Friday! Panchaga music and free beer!
  9. My goodness I can think of some high schools who have better pitching than this team. Wowsers.
  10. Still better than the Soviet like architecture at aggy
  11. We are losing to fucking UT Pan American. Fuck Me. Fuck you. And Fuck David Pierce.
  12. Is David Pierce still our baseball coach this morning?
  13. As a Calallen taxpayer/booster/ parent of former athletes, I like the hire.
  14. It would have to be at new location. Even some short term things like some sort of shade structure would be good thing for the fans. I’ve gone to the high school State Tourney the last three years which takes place the last week of May and even for the morning games it can be brutal sitting in the stands with zero shade.
  15. It’s pretty damn sweet. Probably the best in the nation if the pics do it justice. Loves Truck Stops gave a substantial donation towards the build.
  16. Maybe we will get our shot in 2030? Certainly by then we should be in a better facility. I’m surprised it wasn’t discussed in CDC’s speech about facility upgrades unless I missed it when it was discussed.
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