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  1. Especially since Barkley picked UConn to win it all at half. They are doomed tomorrow
  2. Haha never-mind. I thought aggy played SDSU in the first round. Why was I thinking that?
  3. Has aggy taken credit for SDSUs win? They think they toughen them up with the first round game?
  4. How fun it would be if we end up playing aggy in Austin after Ross Bjork guaranteed the game would be in Collie Station. Bjork would end up tared and feathered. Seriously
  5. The conspiracies are going to be glorious once we officially cross the bridge to SEC land.
  6. From observation, I don't think students at Tarleton or Commerce and you can throw in Kingsville, and West Texas (Canyon) see themselves as full aggy because they've been long standing institutions before A&M took them on. I know some alums at from Kingsville, Commerce, and West Texas certainly don't especially if they got their degrees when they had their former names. I know many Texas A&I alums to this day despise aggy name and the process of how it was done.
  7. They do make a good spot for dogs to lift their legs and relieve themselves.
  8. Or TJ Maxx….. Actually I’ve become a fan of their clothing lately. They have some damn good deals on shirts.
  9. I have a number of aggy alum friends kids who I expect to see with these announcements this time of year . That’s just being aggy. But I see others who I know have no immediate ties to aggy as well which makes me think their acceptance rate must be crazy high these days. The other thing I see in my neighborhood is yards signs announcing a future member of the aggy class of 2027 lives here.
  10. Does aggy handout these announcement posters like candy on Halloween?
  11. I guess law enforcement felt it was safe now since the Murdaugh name is trash thanks to Alex’s murder conviction. Wonder if this would’ve moved at all if Alex walked? He probably would’ve spent time for the financial crimes, but his influence could’ve still been a factor even from a Club Fed. And the media spot light would’ve been a few segments on the cable news shows and American Greed.
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