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  1. One of my high school coaches is in there somewhere. RIP Coach Cobb. Looked up the 69 roster online, bottom left corner #63, looks just like him.
  2. @BigDHornfan I don’t have it, I only have two, the small batch and single barrel. Sorry I couldn’t help out.
  3. You have a pic of that edc damascus knife?
  4. I will look when I get home, I may have one. I’m in Santa Fe but headed home tomorrow. Local store in SF has several of the OF 1910 and 1920’s. for @ $59 and $65.
  5. Agree on the fuck Miller’s, they got way fucking big headed and their food went to shit. Didn’t he fuck over the meat market guy that was across the street? Schoepf’s changed from mesquite to oak which made a huge difference in their brisket.
  6. Is the TT vet school a large animal only program? I thought it was put into place to help the farmers and ranchers with their livestock needs, not a dog and cat curriculum.
  7. Received my Black Jacks last week, not sure but I might need to go up a half size. Looking forward to getting the size dialed in, they run a little different than the Beans I have been wearing. Love the boots but want to try a half size bigger before I settle. The Jacks don’t have any type of insole which my Beans do, makes them fit a little different.
  8. Saw it in Amarillo today. If you need it I can get it for you.
  9. When did Buc-ee’s get lingerie?
  10. Park closer to the cart rack.
  11. Where are the biscuit pics?
  12. RMac5


    LOL, saw that when you posted the TG beer, good stuff!
  13. RMac5


    First turkey gumbo, made stock from two fried turkey’s, thanks for those that posted about homemade stock, really is worth it. Turkey and sausage bo, dark roux and dark beer for the fkn win! Not a huge green bell pepper fan so I use half red bell and half green.
  14. They closed that filthy mfer a couple of years ago, that sob was disgusting!
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