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  1. You'll enjoy the private boat tour at sunset. That's some serious change. If you want private and quiet that's the way to go. If not, drop just a couple hundred and go on one of the group boats. www.viptransportationloscabos.com is who I've used for airport shuttle. $150+tax round-trip in a Suburban. Depending on what scale you want for night life, there are many different spots down by the marina area. You can walk from one to another. Just stay on the main streets and you're plenty fine.
  2. Other than our secondary shitting the bed, two critical fumbles and penalties at inopportune time, the focus on Red Zone offense has to get better next year. Wouldn't it have been a lot nicer to need a field goal than to need the TD? Check out the last two series and how similar they were. No creativity, no slants, and no rub play from a WR to get another WR open.
  3. How in the world is our coaching staff not going ape shit on the sidelines to the side judge for the non-call? Somebody should have been all up the refs on that one. Not one, but 2 SJ missed it? That's horrible. I felt that Sark took the pick up of the block in the back flag kind of soft. I saw he argued for about 2 seconds and then looked down at his sheet. I know as a coach you want to keep your focus on the game, but we were on D and Sark should have been in the ear of the refs through that next play. Since I wasn't at the game, the staff may have been going ballistic but usually you can tell even on TV.
  4. I was already in the mindset when Washington had the ball trying to run the clock out that the game was over. Even when their player got hurt to stop the clock, my mindset hadn't changed. Then we get 4 chances from the 12 and my anxiety is through the roof. Up pacing and yelling at the TV. Then.....another let down. I felt like we lost twice. Hell of a run and looking forward to next season against SEC teams.
  5. Perfect spot for the back shoulder throw to Mitchell. Not sure if he would have expected it but with the defense playing off him like that, it is exactly what you are looking for. Throw that ball just inside of the pylon and we going to Houston.
  6. How many times did we blow right by him and he just scrambles out of pressure?
  7. Because they played against teams with a decent secondary.
  8. His "script" is the top 40 plays based on down and distance, not in order. The sideline reporter even said that it was based on down and distance. So, yeah don't make too big of a deal of it. However, I'm concerned if it is Ewers keeping the ball on the RPO to pass rather than to let the back have it or is Sark trying for the homerun too much and not just taking what the defense will allow (which is the run)?
  9. LET'S FUCKING GO!!!! We clean things up in the 2nd half and we got this.
  10. How many of these passes are Ewers keeping the ball on a RPO?
  11. 3rd and 27 and we going to run? Damn, at least get a screen and see if speed works for us. Nice punt to flip the field.
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