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  1. Learned that joke from my aggy uncle when I was about that age.
  2. Maxpreps say 6'5/5'10/6'1 So they are probably 6'3/5'8/5'11
  3. Weird that Moore is slow at 10.9 and Johntay is considered fast even though he has no verified times and his jumps aren't just outstanding.... And I'm not say Johntay is slow, he looks fast as heck on the field. Just weird that it hasn't been brought up.
  4. Two FR and a SO that we're pushing him before the injury. Those 3 will probably be a little ahead after the offseason/spring.
  5. How many times did we kick it short and tackle them inside the 20. Seemed like a lot.
  6. That explains all the false starts
  7. Coburn getting fucking raped. 7 straight quarters now.
  8. It guarantees that K State goes to the championship
  9. Why does it always seem like the announcers are sucking the cocks of what ever team we are playing?
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