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  1. I don’t think Marion was a good fit here. Not saying he is a bad coach, just a weird fit.
  2. So you’re saying multiple kids from highland park ran sub 4.4? I call BS.
  3. Whats the record? I want to know how fast these white boys are
  4. I would bet it’s true. Soccer background and we know he was athletic. We could have run some great fakes with these dudes haha
  5. Dude has been out there a shot ton. Please tell me this is the last time I will have to see him play?
  6. 247 has a reported 200 at 21.93 which would convert to a 10.88 100, so your 10.9 estimate is spot on.
  7. 247 has Golden as a 10.93. And I believe Worthy ran his 10.55 as a SO.
  8. Well, they kicked the first one deep and it got returned to midfield. [emoji2371]
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