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  1. Because without Bijan this offense licks all the AIDS infested dicks.
  2. Someone (not you) doesn't know what a NIL beholden bitch Sark is.
  3. Imagine a world where Jamaal Charles, Priest Holmes, Ricky Williams, or Earl Campbell would have opted out. Yeah
  4. We need to not let these people be with the team its like you opt out bye Felicia. I love Bijan but we should not encourage this behavior.
  5. What a clusterfuck of dipshittery. I hate Sark.
  6. Yeah totally uphauling. I love that he got the hard part of the word right and then still delivered the belly flop at the end.
  7. Arkansas and LSU say hi but it did cause the gomers to pontificate: So Tech can beat Ole Miss why can't we.. Side note pre-madonna now has a friend! I present to you: We're hemorrhajean players
  8. Yeah it's not done by any stretch but still it hasn't been anything close to the hype. The notion he is going to cause them to change the transfer portal rules hasn't manifest.
  9. I mean so far the recruiting results have been pretty meh to be honest. Yes he did better than CU did the past two seasons but it wasnt like he blew away some historical norms. I figured he would clean house in the transfer portal but even that has all been lateral moves for the players or upgrades as he poached his old JSU lineup. So far he had one LB transfer in from Clemson. Will Colorado be better next year? Yes but that is a low bar to cross. Is he going to set the world on fire as he takes college football by storm? Not so much.
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