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  1. Anyone listening to arguments in Moore this morning? Any lawyers wanna explain what’s going on?
  2. Hey guise, guess what Fox News is talking about right now. Not the election. But you guessed it, trans kids!!!!!
  3. Maybe that says more about our underachieving program than it does about Simms
  4. I mean I guess. There are very white Mexicans who are mostly Spanish blood
  5. I knew it when they were on the boat and the “uncle” said that he thinks his “nephew” is happy that he gets to play with someone his own age. Figured then they were fucking. My husband threw out the idea that they were trying to get her to kill herself.
  6. Weird a TD when you run it every play
  7. Gave up another 4th down conversion. Same ol same ol
  8. Fuck this fucking team. Everyone. Fuck
  9. God our student are fucking dorks
  10. Just fucking fire Sark even if it costs us Manning. This team continues to play like total shit with zero improvement. Sark’s not the guy
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