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  1. I think his new nickname is Breathalyzer since he can pass the test
  2. I'm pretty sure Maldy is going to finish the season below the DWI line given how little the Sox are playing him this month.
  3. This idiot obedience worshipping fuckface thinks I'm an aggy even though I graduated from UT in 1999 from the Business Honors Program. Don't worry he's a fucking NPC who sucks all the government cock he can find.
  4. You are the ultimate obedience worshiping scrub. Go fucking virtue signal on facebook about how you quaccinated your whole family. It's going to be hysterical when you NPC's get confronted with actual reality.
  5. once the COMEX and LBMA go down like the cheap crack whores that they are we will finally see the moon slingshot...
  6. It's become predictable at this point... West: Hammer the fuck out of the price on Thu/Fri East: Thank you very much you ignorant dumbfucks we will load up and force the price back up on Monday
  7. Yup China and India are playing Pac-Man every time the shitboxes at the COMEX drive the price down to cover their shorts. Such idiocy (by us not them)
  8. And fuck anyone who doesn't think we should hire Eric Bakich right in their stupid fucking faces #theend
  9. I wish this fuckface wasn't going to have the SEC run train on him next season but this is the cost of being a limp wristed garbage debt factory.
  10. What part of the English language do you not understand cocksmoker? Keep puffing all the peters brah
  11. 5 prior to the dogshyte but yeah
  12. What fucking sucks is this piece of excrement is going to be back next year. What rocks is the SRC conference schedule is going to cost him him job. Worst Texas Baseball coach ever.......... fucking loser
  13. No shit Beavis thank you for the most rudimentary explanation ever. The difference was Carrington X45 vs a couple of X1-X6 flares. I hope this helps
  14. They are worse than that you cocksmoker
  15. Fuck David Pierce that guy fucking sucks
  16. If you are too fucking stupid to realize earths waning magnetic field allowed Aurora Borealis shows as far south as Puerto Rico from simple X5 solar flares is a problem well I ain't got nuttin for you man. It's a shame the parasympathetic nervous system keeps you breathing because you are clearly too stupid to do so on your own.
  17. Flashbacks to 1983 when this was still the Allied Bank Building after Hurricane Alicia
  18. Silver lags behind gold horribly but it will catch up and do so violently Gold is so tragically overpriced compared to silver, platinum, and palladium it's not even funny. With that said I still have ~7 lbs of gold just a paltry amount to the ~350 lbs of silver
  19. No way is the Elk that cool...
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