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  1. The concept is not even remotely hard to grasp. Please explain how Georgia has won like 30 games straight and yet has so little land? Its fucking stupid/wrong #qed
  2. Yeah I mean Georgia hasn't lost a game since 2021 and they have poverty land. Pretty stupid exercise IMHO.
  3. Did someone say run the clock in the 4th quarter down 11 touchdowns? Chimpanzione reporting for duty!
  4. But if FSU wins a Bama win is better than a Georgia win. Since we won't know the ACC outcome the best path is rooting for Bama. Georgia's shitbox schedule will bite them in the ass if they lose the only good game they play.
  5. Holy shit I am 25 pages behind. Oh well. As far as 1995 goes I was in my senior year at TAMS at UNT and went to 3 games that year.... OU, UVA (Dawson game), & the aggy game. Obviously the fucking tie against OU sucked after we stomped their ass in the first quarter but the other two games were amazing. Unfortunately I was up in the cheap seats at Pyle and didn't get to partake in antagonizing the CTs but I did get a kick out of it. My parents split up when I was in kindergarten then got back together in 2nd grade before divorcing finally in 4th grade. I never went to any school more than 3 years the entire time you just had to make friends. As the Norse say I will find a way or I will make one.
  6. Michigan and Pac winner are pretty much locks. Rooting for Alabama & Louisville is without a doubt the best path
  7. And this is why you don't go to Dallas to play tiddlywinks against the bitchass Sooners. I hope this experience of getting locked out burns this teams ass for next season.
  8. Texas has no way in.... Michigan is going to beat Iowa who cannot score tOSU is already ahead of us and cannot lose anymore games The SEC champ is going regardless of who the victor is and the PAC champ is going regardless of who the victor is. At this point I want FSU to go to keep bitch ass Ohio State out.
  9. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3426022
  10. The best part starts about 29:30 in where he starts ranting about the fans who taunt him.
  11. Aggy coaching search in video form
  12. Love the TexAgs posters patting themselves on the back for saving Aggie football last night. MessageBoardGeniuses is going to have a field day
  13. Does anyone have access to Texags premium? https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3425363
  14. The rivalry that gave us the kick 6 ten years ago went disaster in the pasture this year.
  15. We will be playing the zebras too but we would have been anyways so if by style points you mean able to win yes haha
  16. Right but that was when the talent differential was close. That is not the case this year.
  17. Which is why people rooting for OU are absolute morons. Refs + OU = loss Refs + OSU = win
  18. Fuck everyone who was rooting to play OU next weekend
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