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  1. A quick exit would be a his­tor­i­cal anom­aly. Many econ­o­mists are gird­ing for a re­ces­sion as the pan­demic has shut down busi-nesses around the world and left many job­less. Bear mar­kets that are ac­com­pa­nied by an eco­nomic re­ces­sion tend to be more pro-longed and last about 11 months, ac­cord­ing to Bank of Amer­ica an­a­lysts. The U.S. stock mar­ket has never reached its bot­tom in less than six months af­ter fall­ing more than 30% and fac­ing a re­ces­sion. “His­tor­i­cal analogs sug­gest the [s&P 500] could rally to close to 3000, but still roll over and touch new lows be­fore stag­ing a full-fledged re­cov­ery,” wrote Bank of Amer­ica an­a­lysts in a re­search note. “We think it’s in­stead more likely that we haven’t seen the bot­tom in eq­ui­ties yet.” Other re­cent ral­lies point to a sim­i­lar out­come. The bank an­a­lyzed 26 three-day ral­lies in U.S. stocks that topped 10%. Of those, 20 were fol­lowed by a fall to a fresh low in the stock mar­ket.
  2. Oh ‘Merica for sure will spend like crazy and not learn its lesson... but it won’t be in Q3. Q3 will be for saving an “emergency fund”....that gets spent in Q4 on whatever dumbass fad Christmas gifts are in vogue this year.
  3. I’m just saying gory numbers people are expecting aren’t gory enough. People aren’t going to rush out and spend tons of money the moment the 29% of the economy that’s currently closed re-opens. Some will, but most(assuming they have any income) I bet will be saving every penny they can to build some sort of financial cushion to survive 2-3 months after almost losing their homes the first go round. But then, that’s where brrr money will, I’m sure, step in and solve everything again.
  4. No way we’re in Stage 4 as the following describes. Content to stay (mostly) on the sidelines. I think we have at least 6 more months of this. I think a train wreck is coming Oct/Nov when Q3 earnings are announced (the first quarter when things are supposed to be somewhat “back to normal”)...which may also coincide with the virus ramping back up. Of course by then, the market may be back up to early 2020 levels and only fall back to where we are today. And of course Brrr money being the complete wild card in all of this, who really knows
  5. And Charlise in the WAGs section. Dammit!
  6. I’ve installed a new ceiling fan (another one lined up for Saturday), painted the side of the house, dug a trench and installed 60’ of pipe to fix a drainage problem... I may be getting to the end of the home projects. Normally by now baseball and college basketball take up all my spare time.
  7. I posted this about the Tuesday bump last week
  8. And that’s all before the SEC starts snooping around... The govt agency. Not the football programs
  9. Step 1) it’s not? Step 2) ??? Step 3) Bear market
  10. So during this whole COVID-19 stuff, Paste is highlighting various live concerts from their vault. Isbell acoustic from 10/20/2011 at The Living Room in NYC (6 months after release of Here We Rest for reference) I kinda miss pudgy/alcoholic Isbell....and I'd pay good money to see this setlist Streetlights Alabama Pines Go It Alone Goddamn Lonely Love Daisy Mae Tour of Duty Edit: I see stc beat me to it
  11. Gonna be a long slog... still content to sit this out for a while
  12. Last light of good rest for me for 72+ hours Season opener tomorrow Dell Match Play Friday Sturgill Simpson/Tyler Childers Saturday. ....or at least that was the schedule a couple of months ago in some now bizarre, alternate universe
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