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  1. Not sure but wish I had listened to them ...or my buddy who got in on LVGO at $27 near the end of March.
  2. I swore off the Athletic and cancelled my subscription months ago. But would be interested in reading this if anyone has it https://theathletic.com/1920111/2020/07/10/why-justin-verlander-rebuilt-his-mechanics-after-a-cy-young-award-winning-season/?source=freeweeklyemail
  3. Loving the new MMJ They suckered me in to buying some “Limited edition” vinyl that won’t arrive for another month.
  4. Agreed The 2020 season, including playoffs, will be shorter than the first half he had in 2017 so I don’t see why not!
  5. This popped up today. you’ll never forget your first time...to send 6 Astros to the All-Star Game
  6. No Urquidy. No James season is reduced by 60% so we’re reducing our rotation accordingly? interesting strategy
  7. ...says no Astros fan ever. We may not have a ring without him.
  8. Looking at that bottom line score, seeing the names Biggio and Bagwell, and the lack of offense... so this is a late 90s playoff game? #toosoon
  9. Departing 1 week from today for Glacier. Doing a lot of research but itinerary still mostly open at this point (even though the park is not, sadly). would love and tips/tricks/suggestions. In particular, any fly fishing outfitters (I’m novice level fwiw)
  10. Lololololololololol as if anything is going to end before a certain little political event that occurs in November
  11. It all counts. No asterisks. But get ready for every article from now to eternity to discount every 2020 record with “excluding the pandemic shortened 2020 season.” But I too would get a kick out of some middle of the rotation guy like Kenta Maeda or Dakota Hudson going on a tear for 2 months and breaking the 0.86 single season ERA record held by the oh so famous Tim Keefe.
  12. Maybe on game 1 but not so sure about that come game 60 + postseason. I’m still liking the sabbatical for my Astros after playing 180 games in 2019. JV, McCullers, Grienke in particular, not to mention 102 fewer chances for Correa to have some random fluke injury.
  13. 50-10 still wouldn’t match the Dodgers’ all-time best stretch over 60 games 51-9 in 2017.
  14. Looks like dual TV setup will be a requirement on Sept 12 I’m going to assume a primetime kickoff in Baton Rouge (Assuming there is a kickoff)
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