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  1. Werent we much better on the road last year too?
  2. Big bend hike recommendations please looking for a longer one on Sunday; shorter one Monday morning
  3. And that’s just against the A’s! I kid, I kid. it’s only +30 vs the A’s
  4. hear that, Mike? trash cans sounding good tonight!!!
  5. They moved the start of minors back a month about a month ago. Said to allow players more time to get vaccinated or some bs I think they are just pushing everything back a month so aren’t shortening the season. They’ll play most of Sept instead of ending by Labor Day like normal
  6. ...Straw will get deported (see exhibit A: Teoscar Hernandez(
  7. Well Garcia belongs in the bullpen so getting 10 outs is pretty good? and Click not having a better healthy #5 starter out of camp is the real problem? nah, not going to rail on Click here. Sure, wish we had a better #5 for the 5th game of the season, but it could be worse... at least Kyle Gibson isn’t our #1!
  8. Balk this way... Angel Hernandez actuallydoing something right
  9. Oh look. The A’s have given up 9 runs again pretty pissed in hindsight we only scratched out 8 on opening day which is currently the only thing preventing the A’s from averaging giving up 1 run per inning this season (although the Dodgers do still get to back in the 9th)
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