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  1. No... but depending how it all shakes out, this very much could take away another one or two from the future.
  2. So you’re telling me Altuve’s wife wasn’t the real reason he wanted to keep his jersey on?
  3. Been out of the country for 9 days Did I miss anything?
  4. Fify And yeah, completely forgot about the 26th man Still seems like a waste to use a 26th spot on an extra outfielder that gives you nothing that others on the 25 man don’t already I am interested to see what position teams across the league go with for that 26th spot
  5. Braves declined $12M option on Teheran. Any chance Astros give him a look?
  6. Finally got back to finishing reading this This needs to be required reading for anyone posting in the offseason thread Great summary of important dates and well as current financial/contract situation of basically everyone currently in the org that could contribute in 2020. He doesn’t speculate too much on FA targets on the pitching staff, but other than that, I didn’t see much uncovered here.
  7. Offseason primer from Kaplan Good stuff as usual
  8. Bump @penelopewitherspoon I guess it’s been over half a year by now since your trip but any tips/tricks? Leaving in a week
  9. Did he though? Please recap. Other than being a dick with the media from time to time, which IMO is more of his MO rather than a blatant bridge burning expedition in his walk year, remind me what he did that would warrant not being looked at if the price was right?
  10. I can’t wait to go home and leave the porch light off so no pesky kids bother me and instead do what I’ve done most nights for the past seven months: turn on the Stros and relax... What’s that? Season’s over? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. In hindsight, maybe first pitches by Bagwell/Biggio wasn’t a good move...
  12. Good lord. GTFO with the trading Correa/ Reddick talk I’ll give you something needs to be done with Reddick but if the intent is to trade Reddick to dump salary, that ain’t happening. Astros will eat most, if not all, in any deal. On Correa.... no, not going to waste my energy Extend Springer Re-sign Chirinos. Would love to make a push for Grandal but I don’t see us deploying our cash on him. I’d say go sign the Will’s (Harris and Smith) but I think they earned themselves more than what the FO will be willing to spend on middle relievers
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