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  1. White sox +88 Astros +112 *updated
  2. it’s actually, Ramon De Jesus Feels like we’ve had that guy a lot this year.
  3. Tuve first pitch HR off DK is going to be so weird
  4. Run differential after Wednesday: white sox: +107 Astros: +93 run differential after Saturday: white sox: +94 Astros: +106
  5. Or just keep hammering the offspeed stuff wonder if he was tipping but who cares that was beautiful
  6. we’re hammering the offspeed stuff he knows it. now sit in a fastball and end this, Yordan
  7. Is sparks back? shane Reynolds filled in for him the last series and also covered one a few weeks ago their union dues are clearly paying for something
  8. on the one hand: Oh man!!!! on the other: JV and a one run lead in the 9th and his propensity for solo HRs….but maybe TJ surgery fixes that kind of thing.
  9. Team BA is now sitting at .275…and it dropped tonight… in a game we had 10 runs. 13 points clear of Toronto. MLB average is .238.
  10. As will Framber vs Lynn And again, DK going Sunday. LMJ would be in line to start but not sure if Dusty/Click have said how they plan to handle the next time through with LMJ/Odorizzi
  11. Yeah, but fuck Ross Stripling right about now really could use Aledmys for the next month or so
  12. Dusty better give us LMJ vs DK on Sunday
  13. And a HR in his final AB tonight as well. run it back tomorrow!
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