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  1. UTexasFight

    2020 MLB thread

    I assumed it was to build in buffer in case shit(Covid) got crazy the last week of the season or in the WC round
  2. Framber better be ready to go tomorrow if buxton is up in the 9th and Astros leading by 1
  3. Let’s get to .500 tomorrow!
  4. It’s not fun to be wrong. except when it is
  5. Un earned runs... let’s get 6 more
  6. No wonder people from philly are such assholes
  7. Man. pressly for the 9th against his old team? Or let Framber try to finish?
  8. Keep talkin shit bout Tuuvvvveeeeeeee!!!!!! ill take it
  9. Now sneak a WP by this clown catcher
  10. It was a good run espn But you get the mute treatment when you start showing Bauer quotes
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