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  1. What started out with such promise in the early episodes fell into a confusing mess of stolen plot pieces of different sci-fi movies, only to have a wonderful Shakespearean/Arthur C. Clarke last 20 minutes. I will watch season 2 if it ever happens. Are Seven and Raffy going to do a girl/Borg thing?
  2. Javon Kinlaw, IDL, South Carolina to Dallas then a CB, I can go with those first two picks.
  3. Michaleen Flynn: No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times. Hold on to your hats.
  4. The Finns are paying Bryon Jones how much? 17 mill a year, JESUS!!! I hope most of that is guaranteed since he won't make it past year two on this contract.
  5. That was not one of the first two things he wrote.
  6. You have a problem with That Thing You Do and the four episodes he wrote of Earth To The Moon?
  7. Rabidhorn

    SNL 45

    I got to Justin (WTF) Bieber first song and shut that crap pile show off, may be the worst half of SNL EVER!!! One note comedy of Rupaul and the no talent supposed singing of a guy that should be working the drive through at Burger King.
  8. I think my head trauma's may be making my manic depression worse, I caught myself today breathing hard and seeing spots after I thought my wife was goading me into a fight. Am I going to do something nuts? I wish I had never read that story.
  9. This makes me think back on how many times I have slammed my head in either sports or car accidents, did any of these cause a problem with my brain? RIP to a Longhorn.
  10. Rabidhorn

    SNL 45

    When are the music guests on SNL not horrible?
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