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  1. With my having heart and lung problems this might be my last Army-Navy game to watch. This game means more to me that any other except Texas-OU, Texas-Aggy. GO ARMY
  2. After the Russian help Trump got in the 2016 election for anyone that bitches about this election is a fucking moron.
  3. Rabidhorn


    Shitty LSU has to win this game, if Gomer wins they will claim the National title and the Super Bowl title.
  4. ABC keeps yapping about this being Sam's last game, I thought the NCAA said Sr's could petition for another year because of Covid?
  5. Start over, rebuild the OL and the defense through the draft, trade Zeke for whatever you can get, don't resign Dak to save money, bring in Colin Kaepernick for one or two years and rebuild with a young QB and give Mike 5 years to see what he can do. O and hope Jerry dies or Mark Cuban buys the team.
  6. Trade Zeke for a couple of OL guys and a pick, sign Kap please.
  7. I begged to the football gods for Dallas to draft Baker but Jerry does not believe in high drafts on S, fuck you Jerry.
  8. So Kyler is shit, Dallas keeps if even with no QB play, boom two Zeke fumbles and bang 14-0 Cards.
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