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  1. Henry Hill


    They aren’t already doing this?
  2. Nice light lunch at Cattleack: First time out and did not disappoint. Todd handed me an ice cold Lone Star around 10a and we were eating around 11 after waiting for about 1.5 hours. Point and beef rib were top notch. Burnt ends are actually pork belly and were solid. Big surprise was the whole hog pulled pork with cracklins - super moist like South Austin’s mom with a pleasant bite. 4.8 Derka Dogs/5
  3. Pulled up some vintage footage of helo: Apologize, nancies.
  4. Geno’s buildup in this is classic.
  5. So much for the intimate 1:1 time with Arch. What a tease.
  6. It’s nature’s do-over. It’s a fresh start. It’s a clean slate.
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