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  1. Love the intensity. Even Robo is dropping heavy checks. May have concussed McAvoy on that hit. A W here will be huge.
  2. Depends on how many thoughts and prayers you give.
  3. Grew up on s’mores, frosted blueberry and strawberry pop tarts. Also,
  4. I retract my previous statements. Go get your shine box, Spencer.
  5. Looks like Dinwiddie is down to us and the Lakers. We can offer ~$3-4M more but he’s from LA. Hope we land him.
  6. Yes I don't like the PJ trade because of what we gave up. But I like PJ as a player. A lot. It just leaves a bitter taste because we should always have made PJ Washington our main target this summer instead of Grant Williams and now I feel like it has cost us two first rounders to correct this mistake. Fair points.
  7. Maybe overpaid but have meaningful depth for the first time in recent memory.
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