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  1. Do we finally get to see Hitler on Ice?
  2. Whenever my friends said this growing up, it meant that friend's mom was a shitty cook.
  3. Probably because aggys win over arky gives them a better record in the division since Auburn is winless in the West.
  4. 1963 AP championship was awarded before the bowl game. AP awarded championship prior to bowl game until 1968 except for 1965. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AP_Trophy
  5. And slooch is waiting on Jimbo to get enough commits so he knows who to put on the Top 44. In other words, they're fucked,
  6. Bet they didn't even give you directions to the stadium.
  7. How many of their touchdowns are the result of a short field caused by a turnover?
  8. Just got an email that the Elton John concert on Nov. 4 is cancelled.
  9. So this hag got her heart broke when FSU hired Briles Jr. but was okay with Jimbo covering up for Winston.
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