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  1. Good advice here, thanks everyone. We spoke and it felt less like I was her last resort in a dire situation, and more like she just didn't want to go back to her usual targets. She mentioned a few bills and new school clothes for my nephew who is starting middle school. I didn't really feel like interrogating or pushing beyond that. I sent her $1k via Cashapp and told her not to worry about paying me back. I'm sure this thread will get bumped in future. I'm in my late 20's and it's already abundantly clear that I will be supporting her and both of my parents. I'm probably being an asshole but it pisses me off. I do not have meaningful relationships with any of them and honestly it's not something I really desire at this point. I know I wasn't buying my own lunchables as a 2nd grader but I also had to be 100% financially independent before graduating high school and had to pave my own way when a little help (monetarily or more so guidance) would've made a big difference. Tired of having to be the adult for them.
  2. Tell me about your experience. My older sister (33, single mother, high school dropout, no pics) just texted me requesting a $1,500 loan. Story is she has fallen behind after having to take a paycut at a new job. She said she wouldn't have reached out if I wasn't her last resort. We are not close and haven't spoken in months so no clue on background/validity of her story. This isn't a surprise. She's made a lot of bad decisions and has been bailed out financially and otherwise many times (that I know of) by my mom and an aunt (also no pics of either; not that you would want them). I thought she had finally gotten her shit together (relatively speaking) but now I don't know. She proposed to pay me back with her tax return in February...so yeah, repayment is very unlikely. The amount isn't an issue. And despite our relationship being non-existent for the better part of two decades, I would want to help her if she's truly in a pinch. I just worry about precedent and if it's really the best thing to do for her. Thanks for listening and I welcome the Surly wisdom.
  3. Lol. What does comp look like for this type of role? So post firing: 1st offseason 13 D1 HC changes Tom lobbies for USCe job. Told Nah. 1st season (2021) settles on vague offensive analyst role with Bears. If there was any reporting of him actually being close to the game / adding value to the organization I saw none of it not saying it's Tom's fault (rookie QB / dysfunctional org), but Bears offense goes from bad to worse 2nd offseason 29(!) D1 HC changes, shuffling of staffs December- Tom tells Andy Staples he's "not interested in college roles" and prefers to stay in NFL. Righhhht. Bears HC change, Tom asked soooo what exactly would you say you do here? 2nd season (2022) No other NFL team wants him(?) so he settles for CBS college analyst role? Doesn't sound like a career move for someone preferring to stay in the NFL. Or maybe this is his way of getting his foot back in the college door after not landing a gig during one of the busiest coaching carousels in recent memory? Weird... it's almost like nobody really wants to employ fuckface.
  4. No problem! And snap count is also from PFF which is helpful- not sure if I've seen it anywhere else. Ha... yeah it didn't look so small on my big monitor but just tried to look on my computer and see what you mean. I added a spreadsheet link in post that should be easier on the eyes.
  5. Here ya go. Added offense and also added PFF overall player grades. I know several posters on here think the PFF college grades are garbage (and maybe they are) but I figured it was at least one way to stack up past production against rest of depth chart and compared to D1 / Big 12 sample. Edit- realized it's pretty hard to see so put it in googlesheet if anyone wants it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PVwFduvFQ5mHUNm9gNHYBHGy0TN1uj8Z/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=103413962120518164336&rtpof=true&sd=true
  6. FYI. Incoming freshmen in green, transfers in yellow.
  7. Did he? I don't know the kids academic prowess or post-football plans but If he's like 90% of other recruits, he's going to go major in communications or sports & exercise science orrrr.... let's just call it what it is- major in football. So maybe going to a school with the 4th most CFP appearances has something to do with his choice. I'm sure he knows his OU degree doesn't have the shine as one from Cal, Stanford, Virginia, or Dartmouth or whatever other shitty football program he would choose if his plan was to study pre-med, business, etc.
  8. I likey. Another lefty bat with 4 years of experience in a good program in a position of need. Over last two seasons (83 games, 54 starts): - 312/405/486 slash line - Walks decent amount (13.03%) - Strike outs not crazy (20.69%).
  9. Sometimes you see 'bat speed' thrown around meaning different things. In Ivan's case, they're just referring to him having a longer swing. By longer, think time from starting his swing to contact. The concern is that against better pitching (more deceptive, higher velocity) a guy with a longer swing has to get going earlier and as a result doesn't have quite as much time to recognize spin/location. It's not damning- plenty of guys out there with long powerful swings that get by with elite early pitch recognition.
  10. Basically. I have two friends in scouting community and up to the draft they told me he was a 3rd-5th rounder. I thought that was insane when looking at his actual production relative to recent draft comps. They would mention his age, no position versatility and concerns over his bat speed. I thought age was dumb- he improved dramatically year over year and is a kid who came from JUCO and lost a season to COVID; if anything, I think that would mean he may still have room to develop. I think he can be serviceable at 1B and if his bat is what it looks like, who gives a fuck- that guy can DH. Re- bat speed, I have no idea, just what was relayed. Looked pretty good to me though and I wouldn't bet against him.
  11. He went decent bit above where most people had him on the board and I don't think he really had all that much leverage already being 22.5 years old.
  12. 2011-2012, Jester West. Actually lived on same floor as track team and some football players (Jaxon and Cedric Reed were really nice guys. Case was a dick). Hung out with Ryan Crouser quite a bit who now has two gold medals and the world record in shot put. Someone put together an NCAA Football tournament and Quandre Diggs destroyed my ass. Interestingly enough almost all the football players chose to play with West Virginia. CSB
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