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  1. Well yeah… ever heard of speaking to your audience?
  2. Man. Sark 11-1. Jaydon Blue with 120 yards last night. Bert setting school record for consecutive field goals. What have you not been wrong about this season @closetojumping take the loss, pussy
  3. Lol at the dipshits calling for heads literally last season trying to hop on a dick rn. Hat tip to those who have been in all along.
  4. Yeah, size 10’s. What did you think they were talking about?
  5. Section 119, row 17. Let me know.
  6. You two blow hards in a cage match. $100 entry. All proceeds to Burnt Ends / surly slush fund. Make it happen.
  7. No we don't. This is the whiniest, most entitled shitty fanbase that exists outside of maybe Nebraska, Aggy.
  8. I'm sure it had nothing to do with you telling them you were bringing your friend from the internet.
  9. Vince couldn’t hold this kids jock. Have you seen him run?
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