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  1. I don’t think you’re going to have to use the code word to know who is from Surly at this thing.
  2. In my Kindle I can tap a word and the Webster Dictionary definition pops up. Surly needs to implement the same thing with Urban Dictionary for all the white olds on here.
  3. Would think we have inside lane with Scott's wife due to our proximity to all the shitty Kendra Scott jewelry.
  4. He prefers Mr. Ubiquitous. Get it right and kiss the ring while you do it.
  5. Maybe the most predictable thread I’ve seen in my 5 year Surly career.
  6. Did you have the recruits you got him relay your workout regimen or something?
  7. My point is I don't think JT is getting in Roschon or Bijan or even Gunnar fucking Helm's face if they drop the exact same two balls. Obviously 100% speculation on my part but I see this as frustration boiling over from Xavier never being fully bought into the team. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.
  8. JT patiently waited his turn last season and despite mentioned drops, has stepped up and balled out when given the opportunity. Someone correct me if my memory is off here but- X waited until the last minute of portal window and threated to leave unless we upped his deal. Has given sorry ass effort all season which is well documented. And today, for the second time in last three months, has scrubbed all UT related references from his social media either to drum up suspense and/or because he's a little dramatic bitchass. It's not just about the dropped balls. It's not just about him regressing this season. It's about him being a shitty, one foot out the door teammate for well over a year now.
  9. Acknowledged. I don't have the formula to quantify how good he has to be to justify his bullshit. But based off his current production and the magnitude of his bitchassness, I don't see how you can keep him in the program. JT going off on his ass illustrates that it's not just us message board nerds tired of his bull shit. After the drops, there was a stretch where 4-5 passing plays were obviously called with the purpose of the ball going somewhere other than X, three of them to Casey fucking Cain. It just sends a bad message to the team at this point if you keep him without him taking huge steps to be better / bought into the team. Which yeah... him scrubbing all UT stuff of his social media account AGAIN isn't that step.
  10. I'm just grateful to have Derka as Quinn's character reference and an inside source on the how/why behind every decision he's made up to this point.
  11. Sark was obviously going to be insecure after two years of us making fun of his man tits. Headset guy got what he deserved for tripping an obvious trigger. Non story.
  12. Get in the motherfucker X. Your dumb bitchass doesn't even realize you're probably taking a paycut at this point. After the other night I was indifferent on whether or not he came back but I'm going to be be pissed if he doesn't leave at this point. He's not worth it.
  13. Awesome. I'm sure when the hand heals up he will be able to start making an effort on contested or slightly misplaced balls. We gucci here.
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