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  1. Welp, that’s probably it for me guys. Nice knowing you a-holes.
  2. Never mind. Got it. https://247sports.com/Player/Sawyer-Robertson-46059515/
  3. Remind me who Robertson is? With me stockpiling for the Coronapocalypse I’ve fallen behind on my recruit knowledge.
  4. Nice knowing you all. Start stretching out now, so you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
  5. Ok, so this thing can doppleganger you, or enlist you as a neckblister soldier....SuperAngryCop guy and cousin (i think) of the black nurse both were blister guys. What's the deal with the StripClub guy saying he's going crazy in his head? As far as the show told us, Terry Maitland never had those "going crazy" moments...he was just coaching little league and got pinched by the lisp. Anyone else notice that?
  6. For sure...there are so many depending on what you're after... Dan Winters (lives in Austin) - beautiful light, definitely moody Martin Schoeller - you've seen his work on Time. Has shot everyone with his characteristic look - short lens, shallow depth of field, right up in there, matching stripbanks - unflattering, but interesting. Platon - famous portraits Then classics like Sally Mann, Albert Watson, Avedon... street photographers like Garry Winogrand. I work in fashion and have soft spots for people like Paolo Roversi & Philip Lorca DiCorcia...
  7. Nice man, yeah Strobist is a great resource. And I'm always watching Craigslist to see what kind of stuff people are selling - seamless paper, rolls of gels or diffusion, modifiers. The redneck family sounds like an awesome photo opportunity. Depending on what your end goal is with photography - corporate headshots, beauty, portraits, etc... start identifying peoples work that you like or find interesting and start reverse engineering how they did it. You can tell a lot from catch-lights in the eyes, quality of light (hard/soft), direction of shadows, etc.. and start to emulate and adapt your own work. Looks nice, keep firing away...
  8. Doug nailed it with the Jaime Lee Curtis thing. You're using a umbrella that you're still into and reflect back (not shoot thru)? And you have a 2nd light that is lower and more frontal? How many light heads do you have? I would get some sort of white bounce on the camera left - fill in shadows. This can be anything white...a white tshirt, a poster board, etc...or just move your set closer to a wall and that'll reflect light back into the shadows. You could also try a hair light from up high and behind her - ideally with a grid so the light doesn't spill out all over the place and turned down low. A subtle hairlight is plenty, just to separate from the background. Or throw some light on the background. Finally, using the shaft of the umbrella as a guide, "aim" the umbrella so the shaft if pointing just in front of her - like a shot across the bow, if you will. It'll allow the light to wrap around her face and also keep the hottest portion of the light off her for an even light. That'll also throw light off set that you can easily bounce back into the shadows. What kind of strobes are you using? But it's looking good. Just keep shooting and trying different things. And when you're ready, get a human in there. Getting comfortable directing your subject is important to getting what you want from the shoot. I have a good amount of experience with this so don't hesitate with questions man.
  9. What’s the latest on him? Is he still taking visits? The most odd recruitment I can remember.
  10. As a tall guy, I never recline. I feel like it moves your knees closer to the tray table. I fly often so I have status and end up with extra legroom anyways. Although last summer I had to take an overnight to Dublin and ended up in coach on Delta. The row in front of me all reclined and I was literally trapped in my window seat. It was rough. The Guinness at McDaid's helped when I landed.
  11. ETH seems to be moving more than BTC over the last week or so. Kinda odd because I feel like often they’re joined at the hip (relatively) with movement.
  12. Yurcich up speaking now. I always enjoyed listening to Beck/Orlando more than Herman. They spoke like humans. Yurcich seems like a human, with blood and bones.
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