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  1. So a great thing about tapa was I had a list of threads I was following and I often stuck to those. I see on the web version I’m following some of the same threads but I can’t find a condensed list of those so I can read unread message. Any idea how I navigate this series of tubes?
  2. It would ask me multiple times to log back in for permissions or something, and I’d be back in the Surly. Now it’s nothing. I don’t even see the subscriptions page stuff anymore. So long tapa.
  3. I agree. I much prefer the tapa.
  4. It keeps asking me to login everytime. Bush league.
  5. Jesus. $ibrx. What the fuck. I’m not seeing any news. What a dick punch.
  6. $IBRX It’s getting close to my per share cost. Edit: last time I broke even on IBRX, it plummeted like 2 days later back down to the depths of stonk hell.
  7. Holdovers was excellent. Feels like a movie that doesn’t get made much anymore.
  8. I think it’s the plastic surgery.
  9. Bummer for Med, but happy for Sinner.
  10. Yeah. Someone on twitter something similar. Dinner played well, but not world-beating but Joker seemed to feel his age. Can’t believe Medvedev came back from 2 sets down and like a point or so away from losing.
  11. I wasn’t able to watch. Was Joker off or just Sinner played great?
  12. Zverev playing incredibly well. Missed 4 first serves through 2 sets. Alcaraz in trouble here.
  13. Sicario. Streaming on Prime. Damn that movie is intense. Love me some Roger Deakins.
  14. Mike Elston? Former Michigan player Mike Elston? Sounds good. Sign him up.
  15. Losing Minter with Harbaugh is really going to sting.
  16. Maybe just keep that shit for yourself and don’t post it.
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