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  1. That’s the spirit.
  2. Yeah same zipperdick. The problem is if you can’t see who this team is then you deserve to have that eternal optimism stepped on each week. I applaud it. But like you said, after 13 years, it gets a little tiring. I had hope also. But once Texas came out in the 2nd half and looked the same as the first, it was obvious how it was going to play out.
  3. So good. I clicked initially just to see the wood nymph bit and ended up watching the whole thing.
  4. Edit: someone asked if the offer mentioned in the first post has anything to do with MM being shaky in his commitment.
  5. Watched Drive My Car coming home from Dublin. Fantastic movie. I’m sure so much is lost in translation but it’s still a great film.
  6. I try to sync up Craig Way with the LHN telecast. If it doesn’t work, I watch it on mute like I did last night. Sam Acho is the lesser annoying of the two Achos but he’s still an Acho. He’s taken note of his brothers schtick is and crafting his own. Up next are bombastic, thoughtless takes and Star Trek wardrobe.
  7. Jet lagged in Dublin. Ready to watch this game tonight.
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