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  1. In the last three pages of the “coaching staff” thread there are literally less than 10 posts about assembling the new coaching staff.
  2. Decided on a whim at lunch yesterday to head down for one night. Staying at Port Royal. Gigittys is officially gone. Hope they reopen somewhere else. The wharf are is coming along nicely. Went to Salty Dog and there wasn’t one person in the entire building wearing a mask. Blackened black drum with lobster sauce is still my favorite meal on this island. Probably going to check out of the room and sit by the pool for a few hours and then grab dinner at some place I’d never seen called Mac Daddies before heading back to Austin.
  3. I bet that tweet will make for some interesting conversations when that kid gets into their teens.
  4. Right, but by then I will have to spend 45 fucking minutes reading through bullshit to get tot he fucking part I care about. Just because there is no news to report does not mean everyone should just fill the fucking space with frivolous fucking banter. Go to other threads.
  5. No fucking shit. This site is quickly becoming fucking worthless. We have a thread about the coaching staff that gets overrun with fucking diabetes, dumb fucking college stories and snakes eating fucking dogs and I have to sift through 90% fucking garbage just to find out about fucking coaching news in a thread clearly labelled as a coaching thread that included warnings about staying on topic. There are a LOT of other places on this site that all of those topics can be discussed but apparently a bunch of fucksticks just can't keep themselves from fucking up regular threads with stup
  6. In Ketch's world, this is referred to as "checking in with my sources".
  7. Of the few photos I have seen y'all post of him, if I saw him on the street and was forced to make an opinion, I would just assume he likes dudes. (NTTIAWWT). The attaractive wife was especially confusing to me.
  8. Texas should offer Elko $4M just to make the aggies beat it out of fear of being embarrassed.
  9. I took the GF's son to Murchison Middle School off of Far West yesterday and he and about 2000 of his closest friends were sledding the hills around the track for HOURS.
  10. Slow WAY the fuck down on any overpasses. I saw probably 15-20 wrecks between NW Austin and Georgetown, where people hit the overpass/bridge and slid into the wall. That stretch of Toll 1 from where it splits into E/W all the way over the top of 35 to get on NB 35 was not a lot of fun. I was probably going about 15 mph on that 3.5 miles. Everywhere the road in on solid ground is perfectly fine.
  11. This was the biggest snow storm I’ve seen in Austin since I sledded down the 18th fairway on the Yaupon course in Lakeway back in January of 1985.
  12. Hello neighbor. I'm in this photo/outage with you.
  13. PhD....have you decided where you will draw the snow/no snow line? I'm near the Pennybacker bridge and the gf’s kids are setting themselves up for disappoint expecting 8” due to overzealous news weather people.
  14. Are you implying that dildoing yourself on a web camera for internet coins is not a job, sir?
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