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  1. Hopefully. We need a shit ton of water to flow into Lake Travis. Currently sitting at 659/681 and about 65% full.
  2. Getting a light rain near 2222/360. Buddy getting pea sized hail out in Volente.
  3. If I remember correctly it is because of a federal law that prohibits forced use of a toll road. Interstate Commerce Act, maybe?
  4. Props for dropping "miasma" in there!
  5. Isn't Bee Caves in NW TravCo? Surely you are mistaken, sir!
  6. A lot of ruckus outside last night to wake up to only .74" in the gauge here near 360/2222.
  7. So do you work for the Mayors office? The transportation department or the PIO?
  8. Venison meatloaf with garlic, onion and tomato sauce. Two fried eggs, queso fresco and habenero tobacco with black pepper
  9. Is that thing coming through S.A. it? Or is there more behind it. Trying to see if I can grill steaks on the patio tonight around 7?
  10. OH..I see. It is two independent incidents. My bad.
  11. OK, then who is the old lady in the lower picture? She looks to be the 49 year old mentioned in the article. The younger girl is nowhere near 49 and not the boy that was "abused".
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