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  1. FitLump is more believable than this.
  2. When they cut back the student tickets are they going to refund the exorbitant fees that all students are forced to buy that include game tickets? Hahaha...no..we all know the answer is no.
  3. I think she got scared when we figured out where she lives.
  4. Mond will not be the starter by November. And that might be generous. They will turn on him and after enough losses Jimbo will be ready to start getting the next years starter some reps.
  5. Dude is walking out of that shithole with $75M in the bank. He basically retired three years ago. He's not going anywhere else.
  6. nm...just saw dingleberryswitzer beat me to it.
  7. Can confirm in this particular instance.😄
  8. Don't forget about aggie Chad being spurned by his alma mater and will get his revenge.
  9. Damnit! This is one of those times that I REALLY wish this site had that feature like on reddit where you can mark posts for a reminder on a specific day in the future.
  10. I hope that every last aggie fan jumps to your site just to get away from the over-moderated, State-Run, Pravda-esque, sunshine only, bullshit that were the only options before. Quite frankly I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Why people pay money to post in that environment is completely beyond me. Throw in the fact that the fucking site owners and mods basically berate their subscribers and it is mind blowing. I am sure Billy thinks he is too far entrenched to lose all of his subscribers, but HornFans vanished in the blink of an eye for the exact same reasons.
  11. My dad is still furious to this day that they call him and ask him to donate money and BUY a new diploma. He graduated from Texas A&I, damnit!! And he won't ever be associated with any aggies.
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