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  1. The dichotomy between “the sips control everything and everyone in college football” and “the sips are worthless also-rans and no one cares about them” is truly astonishing.
  2. Good thing some of the loudest fucks on this site don’t get to make coaching decisions half way through a new coaches first season.
  3. That is the defense they are adamant needs to stay together so they can make a run at the SEC Championship and Playoffs next year. They literally just based their entire coaching search around keeping that defense together.
  4. Exactly. Before the season, they had Texas losing to: Kansas State, Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Alabama, TCU and ISU.
  5. Everyone knows that, it is just rare that the blast out publicly, though.
  6. Did Brauny just publicly admit that the message board branch of the athletic department is actively involved in tampering with currently signed player before the portal is open?
  7. Totally agree, but that doesn't seem to stop coaches that are on the hot seat from loading up a highly ranked recruiting class in an effort to save their job.
  8. In the NIL era, it has become blatantly obvious that there are certain players that are looking for nothing more than the highest offer, and they could not possibly give any less fucks about who the head coach is, who the position coach is, what restaurants are available in the town, how many games they will win, or academics. The '22 aggie class made this readily apparent. Trying to apply recruiting logic from five years ago no longer works.
  9. They’ve got to keep him around for another year so he can be the scapegoat after Sark drags his nuts across Kyle field.
  10. How about one more time for the fucksticks in the back? 11-1.
  11. I really hope that doesn’t come back to bite us next weekend.
  12. Ok. You do you. This locker room is about as tight as any team I’ve ever followed. Why fuck it up with some bitch that takes practice off, smokes weed in the locker room and has quit on two teams already?
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