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  1. Doctor Sleep Might have to go buy The Shining and Doctor Sleep (the books that is)
  2. The Victims Game - Taiwanese crime drama
  3. These are all great book recs, got most of them on my bookshelves. Doubt any aggy would read them (assuming they can read). Y’all should definitely read them though.
  4. That’s a sweet jacket.
  5. Watching The Good Liar. Helen Mirren... mmmmmmmmm
  6. Shit about go down: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/06/17/sul-ross-statue-texas-am-task-force/
  7. “I swear if you don’t shut up I’m gonna drive this off the dock.” How I imagine that went.
  8. demos

    The CHAZ

    See the Austin city council.
  9. demos

    The CHAZ

    It’s people.
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