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  1. Kingdom: Ashin of the North Prequel to the Kingdom series.
  2. ^ after taking their money to stay.
  3. It don’t make a shit. And people should quit acting like it does. This isn’t the 90s. Ann Richards, Bullock, and Gib Lewis don’t hold the levers of power.
  4. This is what sec network had. Let aggy continue to be lsu’s problem and only play them occasionally.
  5. aggy gonna fuck around and find out
  6. Yes. It’s just kabuki theatre (so not much different than usual).
  7. Tony danza is probably better qualified to talk sec football.
  8. Keep pumping that delusion billy.
  9. I get the other schools, but aggy is working really hard to oppose this and it’s hilarious how scared and traumatized they are about it.
  10. Looch tweeting like the lege has any say in this right now is hilarious. Nothing can happen this year unless abbott adds it to the special session agenda. So, good luck with all that.
  11. demos

    2021 Drunk Thread

    I’ve had several manhattans and an old fashioned at water st oyster bar in corpus and jfc it’s still light outside.
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