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  1. some of you clearly don't office at old parkland.
  2. they don't call him the silent assassin for nothing.
  3. i think depth is a concern. blades is good if he can get his shoulder right. the coaches love brian george, although the juco leap is always scary. myles jones isn't the worst 3rd corner to have, and devin morris was coming on at nickel late in the year. really need jaylon jones to live up to the hype.
  4. 1. oline. talent. don't have it. not a position you can fake it either, especially under the scheme we're running. does henson know what he's doing? are he and jimbo on the same page? weird smoke signals here. 2. kellen mond. what the fuck is he? if his absolute ceiling is a 65% completion rate, let's make the offense a bit more friendly towards him. 3. running back. i like spiller a lot as a #2. unfortunately he's our #1 without much else behind him. who gets other snaps? everywhere else, the talent is either there to compete, or getting there. by and large i love what elko is doing. for all the bitching, jimbo was handed a 10 year contract largely on the basis of his success on offense, and come hell or high water he's going to do what he's always done. we'll see if he can either put enough talent on the field to make it work, or if the lack of adaptation ultimately eats him.
  5. wait, now he's good again? and while he's one of the more frustrating guys i can remember in recent history given his size / speed / hands / football acumen combination, i think we've got bigger issues than replacing his 30 catches and 2 (two) touchdowns.
  6. new bombay bicycle club coming 1/17, the early singles are solid.
  7. the self loathing of the humans that work for billy liucci is kind of incredible.
  8. while i put on my maroon gas mask and inhale a massive does of signing day smoke - i think this is a pretty damn solid class, and probably one offensive tackle (sheppard?) and another corner from being elite. the pressure is on jaylon jones and josh moten to both become good players, and george to get up to speed quick, if he even arrives in the summer. i don't understand punting ellison and keeping dallas walker, but they seem to love the kid, and auburn was heavy after him. the mowry, harris, diggs trio is going to result in at least one guy that's really good there if not two, and if doyle can keep his head on straight he's going to be in the mix immediately. if nothing else, jimbo has greatly increased the athleticism across the roster, but not sure how high the ceiling gets if we can't get better offensive linemen and corners.
  9. tbh, that's the only way we get anyone.
  10. i'm on record as thinking jaylon jones can play cb. i don't think burns can, nor do i think he ends up our class. he reminds me a ton of christine michael. tests off the chart, but something seems missing from his vision / production that the truly elite have.
  11. he's a hell of a player, but i don't think he can play corner at the next level. lsu's in state recruiting is hilarious.
  12. bizzle

    2019 New Music Thread

    has anyone talked about the new coldplay album? i think they pretty much lost the plot with everything after viva la vida (besides a few random singles here and there), but i really have enjoyed everyday life. some filler, but church, orphans, eko, old friends, everyday life are all great. am getting old as hell, but have unexpectedly enjoyed this.
  13. i can masturbate to this. and yes, auburn loses all the players. will be interesting to see what the bama / lsu rosters and coaches look like next year.
  14. i actually don't think you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that bob rowling and randolph duke aren't the same person.
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