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  1. has anyone seen guidance specifically saying no to multiple eidl loans (via same ein)? one of our companies received the $150k and operators are claiming they can go back for more, but can't seem to get clarity either way.
  2. that is fucking beautiful. maroon whistle? pure sex.
  3. these guys seem like they try really hard, but i enjoy in spite of it. and the lack of respect given to U2's 'pop' is criminal. incredible album, and while i realize this puts me in the vast minority, i'll take the 3 album run from achtung baby-zooropa-pop over the rest of their catalog, especially if i get passengers soundtrack as a bonus.
  4. as always, it helps to know the right people to listen to. please screenshot this for me so when antonio johnson is getting all-sec mention his sophomore year i can pour some of my lean out.
  5. i'm going to miss the hell out of him. the world needs more shit-talking. that being said, antonio johnson is the truth, and leon saw that first hand over the last few weeks. extremely excited for him and demani richardson to provide a level of safety play not seen since my personal hero terrance kiel was selling lean out of his trunk circa 2000. rip to the legend.
  6. i'll take simple george all day over pissy junior demanding to be correct about highway 80 not being an interstate.
  7. based on how many checks this board says we're writing, he's going to be fucking awesome.
  8. he has randomly written one of my favorite songs of the last decade, and not sure i enjoy anything else by him.
  9. could do without the blood orange monologue, but the rest sounds great as usual.
  10. every time i see this bumped i think hamm has made his triumphant return. i remain dissapoint.
  11. the rest of the staff seems like morons, but every single guy on this board would love a beer with hunter. played a decade in the nfl, has built a successful company, and is fun as hell to talk football with. not sure how he puts up with the rest of that crew.
  12. i would be shocked if liucci has spoken to a recruit in the past decade. too busy passive-aggressively responding to subscribers at 3am who are wondering where the article he promised 2 weeks ago is.
  13. serious question: what is he lying about? recruiting rankings and the legitimacy of collegiate scholarship offers to a bunch of 65 year olds that live in various far flung suburbs? billy is guilty of two things: 1. being a thin-skinned douche. 2. creating a viable business where he has a staff do everything, he writes about one article every two weeks, and is condescending as hell to his paid subscribers. nothing crooked and dishonest taking money from people who want maroon smoke blown up their own ass.
  14. taking a break from conference calls to say that anytime craig tells a story about his childhood, i immediately want to kill myself.
  15. jer and norm to afternoon drive hosts. more ed carter.
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