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  1. i'm on record as thinking jaylon jones can play cb. i don't think burns can, nor do i think he ends up our class. he reminds me a ton of christine michael. tests off the chart, but something seems missing from his vision / production that the truly elite have.
  2. he's a hell of a player, but i don't think he can play corner at the next level. lsu's in state recruiting is hilarious.
  3. bizzle

    2019 New Music Thread

    has anyone talked about the new coldplay album? i think they pretty much lost the plot with everything after viva la vida (besides a few random singles here and there), but i really have enjoyed everyday life. some filler, but church, orphans, eko, old friends, everyday life are all great. am getting old as hell, but have unexpectedly enjoyed this.
  4. i can masturbate to this. and yes, auburn loses all the players. will be interesting to see what the bama / lsu rosters and coaches look like next year.
  5. i actually don't think you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that bob rowling and randolph duke aren't the same person.
  6. thank god, we may stumble into some defensive difference makers because lsu is out of their minds this cycle. i will, however, claim this as a head to head win on texags.
  7. matt luke plus rich rod is a truly impressive duo. if i'm mike macintyre, i would have had to been physically restrained from going after them. also, please put me on the record for chris morris being a pretty good cfb tackle. great feet and long arms. we could do worse, like what we have right now.
  8. bizzle

    2019 New Music Thread

    there needs to be some sort of bat signal for this. on first listen, i love it, but my elbow fanboydom may not allow me to view this any other way.
  9. as someone who has gotten drunk with chris fowler, he is awesome, his wife is hot, he does not cover the tour de france (although it is the best sporting event in the world), and we're gonna beat bama's ass* *possibly cover if a lot of shit goes our way
  10. somewhat shockingly, i actually agree with a spiderbanana take - i think both those guys are 99.9th percentile athletes who for whatever reason don't have the vision / feel / esoteric something to be next-level running backs. michael was incredible at times, but his running style always was a touch stiffer than the guys who excel in college and beyond. evans has a bit of that.
  11. on the contrary, we've never lost, just run out of plaque.
  12. update: our oline may not be as strong as i thought preseason. mea culpa.
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