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  1. You should see me after every game for the last decade.
  2. Just post this on the USC board in a few months.
  3. RudeDogRulez tweeting at recruits...what could go wrong?!
  4. It worked out when we took a small school 3 star in Colt McCoy. If we are taking a grad transfer who is willing to take a backup role, then they are coming here to play school. I don't see the downside to taking a high character kid from a small school (or a pipeline school). You need bodies to have a depth chart sort itself out.
  5. (Narrator: It was definitely the homer talking)
  6. I'm more concerned about your cell coverage and battery tbh.
  7. Given the Covid landscape, holding spots for transfers seems imperative. UT has the money to provide the safety precautions most schools can't. Why take a 3 star project taking up 4-5 years on scholarship, when you can find a proven starter on the transfer market who is looking to move to a school guaranteed to support their athletic aspirations. On the flip side, there is the aggy strategy of hamstringing your roster to make the 85 limit and sit out the transfer market to fill immediate needs.
  8. I assume some of Cromartie's kids are in recruiting range. Assuming they can play, not a bad play for Oregon to connect with Cromartie's camp.
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