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  1. There rb at least got to the line of scrimmage so there was a chance to hold. Once he did get there they held several times.
  2. booked yesterday. on island this evening. cheers.
  3. riloh05


    where in katy?
  4. tripled up today to bring it back lol.
  5. That sucked. Running it back tomorrow.
  6. hammered that one as well...-105
  7. hammered it again.
  8. If you start something...say goodbye to your life. the pay out could be phenomenal. you could diluted to shit. it could fail. but you have had no life during the whole process. being a performer/doer at a young/starter/not so yet established business you will retain some sort of work/life balance. in this role you can get a % or points on the business during an exit or ipo. this is the route i chose. how i will entertain when the run is over- sit on boards and pick some winners to work with, dabble in some investment hobbies, etc... it is just a different path.
  9. i have been hammering the Astros runs scored since the grienke trade at o4.5 or o5. also altuve/brantley/yuli/bregman +2.5 runs, rbi, hits when available. its been a good run.
  10. i have found for a quality of life choice it is better to have points and stack those on the way to retirement @ 50. not all ponies win, but when 1-3 do it is a nice life.
  11. Twitter says Scotty Mendez. Past mental issues.0
  12. I have nothing to do with transunion. Cheers to being a dumbass.
  13. i wonder if accepting this clears efx for future issues? their data is supposedly still breached. they have lost basic security requirements (SOC2). lastly, their marketing company is still reselling data and they changed the name from ixi. if you work for a govt agency, state, large municipality, fortune company you are at risk. it is still mind blowing that companies still use The Work Number. if you work for one of the previously mentioned places i would contact HR immediately and not allow your data to be sent to efx every payroll run. you are at risk.
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