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  1. you could always facetime them...however, i would like to have happy employees than being an asshole to them while their home or car may be flooding. no doubt its raining and water is jumping banks- so there is that.
  2. that chick is/was a beating.
  3. I get that...but that is also a very specific kitchen lol. we are doing panel ready for fridge/freezer/wine column.
  4. gonna suck calling someone an idiot and come back into the real word with that around your collar. he may be a dick, but his cancellation coming up will be shitty. i just think he doesnt think david has the right/privilege to be back into the house. based on davids game play- he is right.
  5. peanut buster parfait/ lock it up.
  6. any of you assholes have one of these- la cornue range? pros/cons...i will hang up and listen.
  7. the non hooking up this season is kind of a bummer. that also leads to some sort of potential drama as well. specially if there is competing interest.
  8. We left a couple of days before chaos and went to lake livingston...Here we were putting gas in the mastercraft about to rip gnar on the lake and everyone was honking and bitching at us. we also thought it was weird that there was a line 20+ cars behind us trying to get gas. anyway that day on the lake was so flat...fortunately we had 3 kegs and 4 coolers full of steak and some horny co-eds. good times...until that fucking hurricane went right over where we evacuated.
  9. waiting on frankie macdonald to tell me whats up...
  10. to an individual standing...this makes sense. sitting in a car, that position can look threatening as if the gun may be pointed directly at them.
  11. the goofs traffic congestion issues...then potential construction are one of the top reasons we steered over to spring branch/memorial- north of i-10 south of westview. it just seems less congested over there.
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