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  1. opposite of rip...insert that here_____
  2. wonder if there will be a chicken coop where the meat used to hang inside of ritual.
  3. shouldnt the defense just bring in one of these wonderfully trained officers to perform that exact maneuver on dc, if he survives the 8'ish minutes he walks. if he dies, he dies and everyone moves on.
  4. Thanks I secured a couch/area @ brackets @ venitian...Old Emril Sportsbook, but that $2100 for 3 of us for an all day session. we are at the venitian this go. I dont mind paying some coin, but $2100 is my ceiling. That includes food and booze btw.
  5. you are dialed in...have some recs for this saturday for all day/night game watching? I will hang up and listen.
  6. hadnt heard from my host...he usually has things set-up on arrival. hope to hear from him soon. however, wouldnt be surprised if he has moved on since vegas was crushed.
  7. Headed there for March Madness. Staying at the venitian. Looking forward to a good time!!!
  8. It is a good day sales bro's! Cheers. Equifax Announces Acquisition of HIREtech | Equifax
  9. riloh05


    i like Alicia's. however i am a green sauce addict and their shit is delicious.
  10. rip midway. best place in katy. hope they bounce back.
  11. headed there for a sailing trip...have done the BVI's so going to do something similar in the bahamas. Eleuthera and Exumas is pretty much the itinerary. Any recommendations where to drop anchor. thanks, i will hang up and listen.
  12. Fantastic and Awesome advice. Building our home and pool with it. Using Mark @ Meyer Ranch as the pool builder. I have a spa, have table and stools in the pool, have a covered patio with sightlines to the TV, have tech/idiot proof included... Here are my specs.... Hayward equipment omni logic automation with I – phone remote 2 hp variable speed pump 320 cartridge filter Auto clorinator Auto water filer Vgb compliant main drains ASME-ANSI-A112.19.8-2011 2 - l.e.d pool light 12 volt with transformer color Pool cleaner suction side 1 skimmer Perimeter 78 Area 347
  13. About to build... any must haves that you wish you would have done. things you have that you would never do without. hanging up and listening.
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