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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. The 1099, stay at home moms, retired, 1099, etc will be easier to prove than quit fucking with me for no reason and escalating petty bullshit in to death. Being in between jobs...make sure you are doing the right things. It would also eliminate they need to be nervous because of your skin color or prior issues if you are employed. The gotcha games seems to lead to all the bullshit.
  2. when a cop cant be honest about simple traffic stops...the whole thing is fucked. when a cop hides to give you a ticket- that is not protecting and serving, that is generating revenue. instead of drivers license and insurance...produce a current paystub and the police interaction stops there. do this for all police interactions. if folks are contributing to society leave them the fuck alone. this also encourage folks to keep a job so they dont have to be fucked with. if its petty bullshit leave people the fuck alone because we will never be assured that the police are in the right frame of mind to be stewards they signed up to be. the system needs changing and the people running the system can no longer be trusted, so here we are.
  3. hmmm...weird. i just keep thinking about the hpd shoot-out where 2 innocent people lost their lives. carry on.
  4. situational awareness. good grief.
  5. N.W.A. was right many years ago...
  6. why is that...those avenues are the "new" vehicles for marketing. nothing problematic about that. no different than radio or commercials.
  7. strong to quite strong on the tell me what to do scale. why is silence/ignoring the preferred measure here? seems like an archaic approach.
  8. Weekend @ Bernie didnt talk, he just smiled and wobbled. joe talks and his words are not going to get it across the finish line. i simply cant believe there wasnt a better option. good grief.
  9. on the big stage joe has been a political loser his whole entire life...but now old & senile joe is supposed to be something more than a sideshow circus. gtfo. no one would elect this cat to be an hoa president, yet somehow folks are supposed to rally around joe? this mini-missteps will continue until the big one and then it will be over before it started.
  10. using the term wise-guy should disqualify any human from doing any job duty or role in today's USA. the wise-guy term users should be relocated to retirement communities, wasting time on golf courses, hopping on cruise ships, and eating in cafeterias. everything else is elderly abuse.
  11. murder. trial. penitentiary. done.
  12. did IAH-lake charles on Thursday Nugget Pool was awesome and the gamblings was good. lake charles-IAH-PHX- Friday-Monday. Stayed at the Sanctuary it was awesome. Old Town was fun. Felt good. Great weather and good vibes. PHX-IAH monday IAH was packed. PHX not so much. PV/Scottsdale/Old Town covered in californians.
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