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  1. Wife is a real world doctor (Stanford MD) who has worked a wee bit more with masks, respirators, and viruses than you have . Perhaps you'd like her to explain to you why your arguments suck?
  2. You can't honestly be that dumb. To answer your last sentence: population density + timing of when infection became widely community spread (if you still don't get it, timing matters because diagnosing and treating progressed rapidly). I mean literally everyone else would understand that immediately.
  3. LTbear

    Uniform Pron

    The white/ orange/ white throwbacks y'all wore a year or two ago with the older OSU logo should be your primary home look. 'Twas fantastic.
  4. LTbear

    Uniform Pron

    Perfect description
  5. LTbear

    Uniform Pron

    The drip? Is that like the clap?
  6. Plenty of PAC fans care passionately about their teams. The difference between PAC schools and others is that PAC fan bases by and large have way better options for entertainment when the team isn't good.
  7. If you think masks aren't worth it then you're a goddamn moron who doesn't understand science or medicine at the level of an average junior high student.
  8. Why do Cali schools not have a green light when Cali NFL teams do? Besides money, I mean.
  9. LTbear

    Uniform Pron

    I distinctly remember someone on here once complaining that the older helmet logos (before y'all briefly did the metallic thing), weren't burnt orange, they were "more burnt than Sally Brown's cookies."
  10. Why in the holy fuck did we not kick a FG
  11. LTbear

    Uniform Pron

    Did the logo get bigger?
  12. If I recall correctly the NFL is pumping in some stadium-specific crowd noise. Interested to see how that goes, but if it makes it feel more normal I'm all in.
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