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  1. Would we take both Dixon and Fouonji? If we take those two and Collins, that puts us at 23. Hold a spot for Kelee Ringo, or a linebacker, and call it a day?
  2. What position does Hullaby project to in college?
  3. What happened between us and Achane? I remember some posters here talking about him. Was it 1 of either him/Mookie/Ty Jordan?
  4. Speaking of this, I really want Taylor Hamm back in the business.
  5. Benefiting who? Is Jimbo recruiting Simpson to get his son a scholarship somewhere, or is UT-Martin's coach recruiting Fisher's son to get Ty Simpson an offer at a big school? Regardless, none of this will matter unless Jimbo can fix his late-era Mack o-line problems. And history suggests that this will never happen.
  6. This is exactly the environment that you want to bring a guy like Zach Evans into. And there's zero likelihood Damieon George is going to sign with Alabama. He might not know that yet, though.
  7. I think Mond is actually the best QB talent-wise out of all of these guys, especially after seeing King's implosion this year.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. Who have we really missed on in this class? I can think of Demas Jones Jase McClellan JSN Jalen Kimber Jahari Rogers (maybe) Josh White Bryson Washington CTJ And that's pretty much it. And we have quality fallbacks to most of those guys. Like, we wanted Washington but Alford is not a bad replacement, we originally wanted Evans/Milton but we got Bijan who is a better culture fit anyway, etc. Doesn't look like a lot of misses to me, especially since we got our top targets at QB and on both lines.
  9. CTJ or someone else said that the staff is pushing hard for Kelvontay Dixon to flip. Considering Arkansas is a complete mess I'd say it's good odds. I wonder if there is room for Loic.
  10. Leon O'Neal. A&M safety who was interested in Texas, but we ended up taking other guys like Caden Sterns and BJ Foster. Apparently O'Neal felt slighted over that and talked a lot of trash about Texas. Also went full redass on the way.
  11. Why recruit more guards when you can recruit more wide receivers
  12. I think JQJ and Collins have a very good chance of ending up in the top 10.
  13. I can't wait to see the Liucci 44 after this happens
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