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  1. That's what it looked like from the video. It's potato quality and doesn't show any gore or even when he dropped her (view obstructed by window framing pillars), but he clearly was holding her outside the window prior to her fall. Their previous defense is not feasible. Ooof, this will not end well.
  2. Yeah, Doc, I'd like the๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ Rabies vaccine๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ for these two shitheads, please.
  3. Was supposed to see Bon Iver with a dance troupe in late February, but it looks like one of the founders of the dance troupe got MeToo'd and now the show is cancelled.
  4. My first ever prime rib cook. Followed Chef Johns recipe on a little over 5lb bone-in. Turned out pretty good, though Iโ€™d go a little more rare next time. Made au jus from the drippings, served with sous vide glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, challah rolls, and side salad, with a nice cab.
  5. I got a bone-in prime rib from HEB. Do I go sous vide or just follow Chef John's perfect prime rib recipe? I'm leaning towards the latter.
  6. This one is up there for me too. I'm not a Springsteen fan, but this cover is one of my favorite songs by The National.
  7. I'm not even a real DMB fan, but this cover with Warren Haynes is one of my all-time favorite live performances.
  8. Here's a link https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/20/us/atatiana-jefferson-death-officer-indicted/index.html
  9. I know this is heresy in Texas, but has anyone ever tried a Jewish-style braised brisket? I have to admit, after watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I'm more than a little intrigued. https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/brisket-in-oven/?browse_eid=d25bd4b6-af3b-4708-8dcb-61b3d0005e0b No aluminum turkey pan or liquid smoke required...
  10. Made this last night. Skyrocketed to the top of my favorite vegetarian/vegan recipes (I'm neither, but we do dabble from time to time). Doesn't look the best, but the taste was fantastic. I used the regular coconut milk, not the lite kind, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T. If anything, I might go 16 mins (vs. 15 in the recipe) on high next time, especially if you like the lentils on the extra tender side. https://www.wellplated.com/instant-pot-lentil-curry/
  11. It's shit like this that makes me happy I kept my 802 area code.
  12. I made a batch of Alton's aged nog last Sunday. Used 2 Stars bourbon, Hennessy, and Navy Bay rum. All told, it made 3 quart mason jars with just enough left over for me to sample a glass un-aged. Pretty tasty, but I'm thinking it will be well worth the wait. For whatever reason, not all of my sugar dissolved with mixing with the yolks. I beat them pretty good, but eventually decided the sugar just wasn't going to dissolve until the booze was added. Hopefully everything gets good and acquainted over the next couple weeks. I might crack open a jar this weekend for Lights in the Heights.
  13. I want a Federal investigation into this. These tactics are criminally reckless. ACAB
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