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  1. I'd rather sleep in the abdominal cavity of a Tauntaun.
  2. Civil asset forfeiture sounds like a term made up in Soviet Russia to just steal whatever the State needed. The fact that it is used so liberally as a tool of law enforcement in this country only highlights how far down the path to tyranny we’ve allowed ourselves to stray.
  3. Back to the OP's topic - I'd love to know exactly what kind of information the police had before they decided that A. the fleeing teenager was, in fact, a murder suspect and B. that he posed such a risk to the public that shooting him in the back while he ran away unarmed was a prudent choice. He was the passenger in a vehicle they pulled over. He was never identified (other than visually) before he bolted, so unless they have Wanted posters out there for this kid, I find it doubtful the he could have been positively identified before the cop decided to shoot him vs. climb his fat ass over a fence. People claiming he must have been involved in serious crime to run from the police have clearly never been to a high school party that had the PoPo show up. If a teenager is willing to risk bolting and potentially getting shot to avoid a Minor in Possession of Alcohol citation, assuming the kid is a murderer because he ran is a wildly reckless assumption.
  4. For some reason, I thought that they had a erected a statue of him at SMU. The one I was thinking of is actually at Pinehurst.
  5. Oh man, I still remember the feel of hitting Top Flites. Felt like hitting a fucking rock. Hands down the worst golf balls ever made. Not even worthy of range practice.
  6. He was (and still is) my favorite golfer as a kid when golfing was my life all summer long. The authorized biography written by his widow was very well done as well. Poor guy schlupped around Asia and Australia for many years before getting his Tour card. He got himself into some endorsement deals with less-than-competitive clubmakers that really had him playing at a disadvantage versus the real competitors of his day. I think he was repped by Wilson or Ram or some other trash outfit. When he finally got out of the deal, he got himself some Mizuno blades and really hit his stride. It's a shame so much of his short career was wasted on bad equipment. I need to swing by SMU to visit his statue next time I'm in Dallas.
  7. The previous guy used to soak the beans overnight in Bud Light (sorry @Steel Shank). Then they would rinse and boil in chicken broth then add a large tub of HEB pico and a couple cans of beer. I thought they tasted like shit, and I think the Bud Light bath was to blame. That and hot wilted bits of cilantro leaves left them with a off-putting, bitter taste.
  8. If I go with beef cheeks, should I use beef broth or chicken broth in the simmer? I'm afraid if I went full beef broth these would task more like beans au jus than pinto beans.
  9. I've got to fire up the smoker next week for a few hours and was looking for a brisket substitute for the beans I could smoke during that time. Even if it's not done, I can wrap and finish whatever in the oven to achieve the desired tenderness. I was thinking maybe a chuck roast, which I could shred and freeze to add to the beans during the competition. Any ideas on what cut would be good? The alternative is to go with salt pork and smoked hocks, but I think beef would be a better option to set me apart.
  10. Anyone have a preferred brand?
  11. Plenty. Cooking can start around 6pm, bean turn in is 11:30am. I’d probably soak the beans overnight and start cooking them around 5AMish.
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