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  1. You're spot on. My friend is the move-in coordinator for Mobile Loaves and Fishes Community First! Village in Austin. It's a planned community of tiny homes to help the unhoused find permanent housing. Let me tell you, I wouldn't wish that kind of responsibility on my worst enemy. She is a god damned saint to put in the effort and care she does to ensure that people have proper housing, especially at her meager salary. Mental illness is a big issue with most of their residents, so if you like being berated by those not of sound mind, go ahead and apply for the encampment director position
  2. Feel free to DM if you don't feel comfortable posting. Thanks!
  3. Hey, Just wondering if anyone had a good head hunter they've used recently in either Houston or Austin area. I'm ready to make a career transition. The one I used in the past appears to have either moved away or left for a different company as her emails return as undeliverable. Thanks!
  4. Just started Noom with my wife about 5 days ago. Already down nearly 5 lbs. I didn't think I would like it, but I do. I've never felt this empowered on a diet. Says I can reach my weight goal by mid-October (55 lbs down from the start). Anyone else try it? If anyone is interested, the first 2 weeks are free and you can use my referral code to get 20% off. https://friends.noom.com/YVJJMkoxU0l1OmNm
  5. Nice crumb. Great chew.
  6. First sourdough in quite some time.
  7. Finally cooled enough to cut it. Here’s the money shot.
  8. Honey oatmeal bread (see recipe I posted earlier). The apartment smells AMAZING!
  9. But, scientifically, that doesn't make a lot of sense. For dishes like cacio e pepe or carbonara, the starchier the water, the more easily the sauce binds. The starch is what makes a combination of melted cheese and water (w/ fat and egg, in the case of carbonara) become a creamy sauce. When you cook with the least amount of water, you create a highly concentrated starch solution, vs. using the minimally starchy drippings from pasta cooked in a tons of boiling water. This makes a better, creamier sauce.
  10. I'll definitely try to source good liver next time. This was just ground beef (using up frozen meat reserves), and it was still fantastic, though I did miss that minerally liver flavor. Next on the list are the red wine caramel rillons. Those look fucking incredible
  11. Trying to learn the ways of the coon-ass. This is my first stab at dirty rice. Wife said it was the best she’s had, and she grew up in BR and lived as an adult in NOLA. Whipped up the dark roux in under 5 minutes. Followed the method laid out in the latest Basics with Babish -Cajun Food episode.
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