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  1. Congrats imma, this is who you sound like now. Way to go
  2. You’re gonna call him that and he’s gonna end up being a huge Porky's fan and ask you “why do they call you Blossom?”
  3. Holy shit, you're the real Futureman.
  4. Do you fuck it in the ass or does it fuck you in the ass?
  5. You typed this with a hard on, didn't you?
  6. At the same time Card is shitting? Kinky
  7. That’s right, this is the place where people can’t get any better than they were as a freshman. I had almost forgot
  8. Sure we weren’t playing the guards from The Longest Yard today? and I mean the original, not that Sandler junk
  9. LMAO @ you peoples reactions. And that’s right, i said you people.
  10. Your movie opinions on this board have been removed. Thank you for your cooperation.
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