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  1. 11min left in the FIRST HALF. Y’all acting like there’s 2min left in the game
  2. "sometimes when you win, you actually lose. And sometimes when you lose, you actually win" "you get this all from the same book?" "gaaawwwd, Billy, you so stooopid"
  3. Pretty sure he was talking about his teammate “saved my ass”
  4. You mean court side doing radio?
  5. Well you just fucked that up. Seems like you would learn to keep your mouth shut
  6. Cause he sounds like Marv Albert?
  7. I’ll accept that answer
  8. If conditions were awful then how did he prove that?
  9. Anyone seen the movie Striking Distance? This is like it, but not on a river
  10. Hey, Jungman made it to campus. Speaking of pitchers, did i hear that Dressendorfer (god damn spelling) is getting his number retired this weekend?
  11. What years were the BJ Tyler and Terrance Recher teams? Couldn't have been too long after this one. That's my first memory of watching Texas basketball. Then Reggie Freeman and then Clack. All clear from there.
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