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  1. Huh??? He just got here. He’ll see the first year in the SEC lol
  2. Hell yeah, exact same situation!
  3. Yes. He caught one towards the end of the half
  4. You want your throat ripped out? Cause this is how you get your throat ripped out.
  5. We have a bunch of chunkers, not pitchers. Aggravating
  6. Who does Pierce think Thomas is? Brooks??
  7. Cool, we have our former Friday night guy going too!
  8. To be fair, he was going on contact. Not waiting to see if the play was made That the catcher was blocking the plate without the ball
  9. You really shouldn’t post mad
  10. My llama gif was to the last part of this. Not sure how I fucked that up
  11. Down by 6 with one out in the 7th and we bunt………….. ok
  12. I posted a lot of angry rants on the shag during the Chuckie/Tom years, nothing worthwhile. So what's changed?? haha
  13. This season just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see what happens next!!
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