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  1. After the whole SWA shitshow, I’m done with them. Flew Delta from Hobby to Albany, NY and was quite impressed. Disappointing that they only have 3 flights a day out of Hobby and only to ATL but oh well. If I fly east coast, I’ll fly delta. If I go west, I’ll go United out of IAH. I had companion pass for 3 years with SWA but just can’t stand them anymore. Terrible planes, terrible clientele, very ugly stewardesses.
  2. I get that these people are outliers (myself included) and can appreciate a doctor (like yourself) who recommends diet and exercise. However, patients aren't incentivized to actually follow through with said diet and exercise, are they? No, their insurance will cover the cost of these drugs that enable their current lifestyle.
  3. Not your previous post. Sorry. JFC.
  4. I think a lot of the problem with the American healthcare system is the incentive for doctors to just prescribe meds for ailments related to having obese patients. Oh, high BP due to being fat? Here's a pill. High cholesterol from eating fast food every day? Here's a pill. Type 2 diabetes for being over overweight and eating like shit the majority of your life? Here's a pill and blood sugar monitor. Granted, some people may actually have high BP or cholesterol and be a perfectly healthy weight and they actually need these drugs but the vast majority of the people who are type 2 diabetic, have high BP or high cholesterol have these issues due to weight and diet. However, there's no proactive measures for doctors or the pharmaceutical industry to get these people off these medications because the incentive structure is backwards. The structure incentives doctors to keep these patients coming back to them for more drugs and the pharmaceutical companies keep pumping them out. If the government actually incentivized people to be healthy, it could dynamically shift the health trends we've seen over the last 20/30 years. However, too many lobbying programs are on capital hill trying to get their shitty processed foods into our laps (dairy industry, big beef, etc.).
  5. Costco needs to bring this shit back, ASAP:
  6. Costco, smuckers, Trader Joe’s…there’s literally countless non sugar added PB in a grocery store.
  7. Right there with you. It’s damn near impossible to own a home inside 610 with less than $250k/$300k per year.
  8. I get you and sorry if I came across as entitled. Was just explaining my journey.
  9. We’re insensitive or are you too overly sensitive? You don’t have to exercise to lose weight. Does your asthma prevent you from a 30 minute walk per day?
  10. I truly appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  11. Oh I know - I can be an insensitive asshole towards the people that I used to be like. It’s not fair to them, they just haven’t hit that point. I don’t place the entire blame on them. It’s not wholly their fault. It’s a shared problem between them, the fast food industry, industrialization of the food industry adding preservatives and overall shit chemicals that fill the inner shelves of the grocery stores. It’s something I’m working on personally (my attitude towards other people).
  12. One day I said I was done being the fat guy. It was my 30th birthday - almost exactly 5 years ago. Lost the weight over the course of 18 months and kept it off for the last 3.5 years. I was getting winded from running around with my 18 month old and was tired of it. I probably went a little overboard the first initial 6 months (went OMAD, no more sodas, no sugar, etc.). Looking back, I don’t think what I did was exactly “healthy” but I’ve found a good balance now. I eat, a lot, but make good choices. I fluctuate between 180-190 (I’m 6’2”) depending on if it’s running season or not. Just did my first full marathon in January and enjoyed it enough to sign up for one again next year.
  13. Like I said, it was a rant. Sorry. Maybe I should have posted in “Trivial things that make you surly” instead.
  14. EDIT: Oh yeah, and Americans are addicted to fucking sugar. We put sugar in everything. Coffee, tea, food, orange juice, fucking PEANUT BUTTER!. WHY? If I had to estimate, I’d say the average adult American consumes about 800 calories per day in liquid calories. Drink fucking water or coffee with Splenda. It’s not difficult people.
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