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  1. Silas bolden isn’t even on campus yet either. It’s an embarrassment of riches.
  2. Anybody up in the NE Texas area interested in a fantastic run, the Fresh 15 put on by Brookshire's is this weekend. Fantastic race that is well put on and supported by the community up there. They have a 15k, 5k, and kids K option. They routinely sell out in advance (sold out about 2 weeks ago for this year's race). The race is tomorrow but they immediately open up the following year's race the day after the race. All money goes to local charities. This will be my 4th year running it. Since it's put on by Brookshire's grocery, they always have tons of food vendors giving out free stuff as well. Just a heads up. Have a great weekend everyone.
  3. Let me know when you want to sell one lol
  4. My PR for half marathon is a 1:45:40. I'm slowly working my way down as I continue just getting mileage in and doing speed work every other week. I've only really been running for three years. I have a half marathon this weekend but I will probably just run it with my wife. We're heading out to Vegas at the beginning of August for the Revel Series Mt. Charleston downhill marathon. Meeting some friends out there. It's a Boston Qualifier but I won't touch 3:05:00 which is the cutoff for my age bracket.
  5. Agree with the speed work. The first marathon I did (Houston 2023), I did the training with my wife who is unquestionably slower than me. We did the beginner marathon plan to cross the finish line. It did NOT go well and left a bad taste in my mouth. I signed up for 2024 the same day I finished 2023 and changed up my training, ran at my own pace, and shaved over an hour off my time from 2023. Marathon 3 was absolutely fantastic. Maybe not for someone doing their first marathon as the mileage is already pretty high at the beginning.
  6. Love the Hal Higdon stuff. I used his Marathon 3 to train for the Houston Marathon this last year as I wanted to also incorporate cycling and swimming into the program as I'm gearing up for triathlons this year (Olympic in May and 70.3 Waco in October). I hit every single long run called for and really dialed in in 2023 running upwards of 40+ miles per week during the summer to build the aerobic base.
  7. Switched to Zyn about 2 months ago. Coffee tastes like chocolate. Citrus is great too. I can say that I have saved a TON of money just in the last two months. I was creeping to 2 cans a day of Grizzley. A can of Zyn will last be well over 2 days. I'll go from the 6 to the 3 mg probably within the next month or so but this stuff has been a wallet and life saver.
  8. New chocolate chip cookie from the food court slams and goes super hard.
  9. Small world…Corby Meekins is now the head coach at my son’s high school.
  10. Paging 6th Street and Greenspoint…what do y’all think?
  11. Congratulations on your finish as well! See you next year!!!
  12. Second marathon. 3:49. Over an hour shaved off from last year. Fuck yeah.
  13. I'm calling my shot: if DaBoer stays put in Seattle, I'm going with Brian Kelly taking over at Bama. Bo Davis is like "bro, wtf?" and Coach O is laughing all the way to Austin.
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