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  1. Imagine if you can, being so pathetic that your life consists of using 15 socks to confirm your bias and neg opposition for hours on end on a friday night. We are laughing. Sorry about your micropenis, bro
  2. If somebody real bets me, I’ll make it about money.
  3. I don’t need money. If Trump wins, shut the machine down. If he loses, I’ll donate to the site in honor of the CR echo chamber
  4. You’re some nobody fucking loser with only 240 rep even though you’re a leftist that posts in the CR. You are a nothing I do not give a shit if you post or die.
  5. You are a sock. I do not care whether you post or not. Come out of the closet and then maybe we can make a bet
  6. I don’t care about somebodys sock account. Not falling for the ATX 71 charade. if Trump wins, shut down every CR regular. Shut down this whole fucking cesspit
  7. Cycling through your sock accounts to burn out your daily rep is the most cowardly pathetic fucking shit imaginable. I find great joy that you have to debase yourself in that way
  8. Why don’t you come back to your main account you fucking coward
  9. None of you ever post again
  10. Over 200 negs in a few hours. This is your life. Lol no wonder everybody hates you and this place is an unproductive shithole echo chamber
  11. Fucking losers. This place is a cesspit
  12. Ohyeahthere’smybitch.thewaterboy
  13. *Filler Posts* *Deflection posts* *Sock negging spree*
  14. Sure thing, Wimp Lo. https://youtu.be/XYGxWGduCCQ
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