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  1. As per surly usual, you only took one part of my post and picked at that rather than the whole thing. As you see, I wrote Independent first, I think that would be the best option. Genius would be going independent and tapping into the latent hatred between Texas and Notre Dame fan bases by starting a yearly game with them, which would make more money and have more viewers than any game in any year besides maybe the national championship.
  2. I didn’t say anything about being dominant, quite the opposite in fact. But yes, leave that conference.
  3. Holy oversimplification attempt
  4. No it’s spot on but you can sit there and shit out words with no meaning all you want. All these teams hate our guts and see us as their rival, and play like it. We couldn’t care less about them. The conference is stale. The matchups are stale. Aside from Texas and OU it is a conference of nobodies. Playing these teams from nobody states is fucking tired. I aint going on no toad trip to bumfuck iowa or kansas or west virginia Realignment can’t get here soon enough, this shit is boring. Independent, PAC 12 or even the fucking sec would be better than continuing to sink with this Big 12 ship
  5. I think we need to leave the conference. Our players, fans and coaches don’t give a shit about any of the teams in it anymore aside from OU
  6. I think it’s a matter of, they gave it everything they had against LSU but it wasn’t good enough and it broke them. But I’m not just talking offense, the whole team, coaches included.
  7. Our previous losses had most to do with injuries. Not today, today was plain stupidity. Fuck this fucking dumbass team
  8. I cannot believe how stupid this fucking team is
  9. Holy shit Epps fucking sucks every time we throw it to him it bounces off his hands waiting for an interception
  10. I, for one, really enjoyed regular 52-10 blowouts in the VY/Colt era. Yeah that is my preferred way of watching football.
  11. Remember 10-15 yrs ago when Texas football asked its’ fans what they enjoyed the most and y’all voted for close games, comebacks and last second defensive stands? ... ya
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